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Route Map

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Castleford Bus Station06:1106:5007:20
Castleford Bank Street06:1206:5107:21
Castleford Aire Street06:1206:5107:21
Castleford Lock Lane Sports Centre06:1306:5207:22
Allerton Bywater Barnsdale Road06:1606:5507:25
Allerton Bywater Station Rd Letchmire Road06:1706:5607:26
Allerton Bywater Station Rd Station Terrace06:1706:5707:27
Allerton Bywater Station Road Robinson St06:1806:5807:28
Allerton Bywater Leeds Rd Main Street06:1906:5907:29
Allerton Bywater Leeds Road Manor Park Ave06:2006:5907:29
Allerton Bywater Leeds Road Blands Ave06:2007:0007:30
Allerton Bywater Leeds Road Westfield Grove06:2107:0107:31
Allerton Bywater Leeds Rd Ninevah Lane06:2207:0107:31
Great Preston Leeds Rd King Edward Avenue06:2207:0207:32
Great Preston Preston Ln Brigshaw Drive06:2207:0207:32
Great Preston Preston Lane Brigshaw Ln06:2307:0307:33
Great Preston Preston Lane06:2307:0307:33
Great Preston Preston Lane Wood Ln06:2407:0407:34
Great Preston Corner06:2507:0407:34
Great Preston Berry Lane06:2507:0507:35
Great Preston Station Rd Glencoe Terrace06:2607:0607:36
Kippax Station Road Helena St06:2707:0707:37
Kippax Station Rd The Drive06:2707:0707:37
Kippax Butt Hill06:2707:0707:37
Kippax Cross Hills06:2907:0907:39
Kippax High St Chapel Lane06:2907:0907:39
Kippax High St Gibson Lane06:2907:0907:39
Kippax Gibson Lane Cliff Crescent06:3007:1007:40
Kippax Gibson Lane Pondfields Dr06:3007:1007:40
Kippax Gibson Ln Parkfield Close06:3107:1107:41
Kippax Gibson Lane Moorgate Dr06:3107:1107:41
Kippax Leeds Rd Rutland Close06:3207:1207:42
Kippax Leeds Road Post Office06:3307:1307:43
Kippax Leeds Rd Valley Road06:3307:1307:43
Kippax Leeds Rd Brecks Lane06:3407:1407:44
Kippax Leeds Road North School06:3407:1407:44
Garforth Leeds Rd Selby Road06:3507:1507:45
Selby Road Garforth Academy06:3607:1607:46
Garforth Selby Rd Rockley Grange Gardens06:3707:1707:47
Garforth Selby Road Nelson Croft06:3807:1807:48
Garforth Bridge06:3807:1807:48
Swillington Common Selby Road Waterloo Manor06:3907:1907:49
Swillington Common Selby Rd Swillington Lane06:4107:2107:51
Cross Green Pontefract Lane Bell Wood Roundabout06:5307:3308:03
Cross Green Pontefract Lane Thornes Farm Roundabout06:5507:3508:05
Cross Green Pontefract Ln Newmarket Lane06:5607:3608:06
Leeds City Centre The Headrow07:0307:4308:13
Leeds City Centre The Headrow07:0407:4408:14
Leeds City Centre Park Row07:0507:4508:15