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Arriva in Yorkshire

Wakefield to Leeds


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Wakefield City Centre Bus Station06:4507:1507:45
Pinderfields Pinders Grove06:4907:1907:49
Pinderfields Hospital06:4907:1907:49
Stanley Aberford Road Ferry Ln06:5207:2207:52
Stanley Lime Pit Lane Lake Lock Rd06:5507:2507:55
Stanley Rooks Nest Road Stonecroft06:5507:2507:55
Stanley Baker Lane Rushworth Close06:5607:2607:56
Lofthouse Gate Baker Lane Anaheim Dr06:5707:2707:57
Lofthouse Gate Anaheim Drive The Hawthorns06:5707:2707:57
Lofthouse Gate Broadmeadows Sheridan Street06:5807:2807:58
Lofthouse Gate Broadmeadows Meadow Garth06:5807:2807:58
Lofthouse Gate Leeds Road Philips Grove06:5907:2907:59
Lofthouse Jumbles Lane07:0407:3408:04
Robin Hood Leeds Rd Pawson Street07:0507:3508:05
Robin Hood Leeds Rd Halfway House PH07:0707:3708:07
Robin Hood The Angel Inn07:0807:3808:08
Leeds City Centre Bridgewater Place07:2607:5608:26
Leeds City Centre Bishopgate Street07:2707:5708:27
Leeds City Centre King Street07:2807:5808:28
Leeds City Centre Calverley Street07:3008:0008:30