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Arriva in Yorkshire

Outwood Grange High School

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Route Map

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Outwood Grange Sch14:4014:4014:4014:4015:4515:45
Outwood Potovens Lane Newstead Ave--14:40--14:40--15:45
Outwood Potovens Lane Ledger Ln--14:41--14:41--15:46
Outwood Potovens Lane Kingsley Garth------14:41----
Outwood Potovens Lane Chandlers Close------14:42----
Lofthouse Gate Potovens Lane Ridings Wy------14:43----
Lofthouse Gate Potovens Lane Partons Place------14:44----
Lofthouse Gate Canal Lane Leeds Rd------14:45----
Lofthouse Gate Canal Lane Baker Ln------14:46----
Lofthouse Gate Canal Lane Woolford Wy------14:47----
Stanley Canal Lane Moor Rd------14:48----
Stanley Canal Lane Chaucer Ave------14:50----
Stanley Lake Lock Road St Peters Youth Centre------14:50----
Stanley Lake Lock Rd Lake Lock Grove------14:51----
Stanley Aberford Road The Chase------14:51----
Stanley The Spindle Tree PH------14:51----
Stanley Aberford Rd Moorhouse Grove------14:52----
Outwood Ledger Lane Potovens Ln--14:41------15:46
Outwood Ledger Ln The Avenue--14:42------15:47
Outwood Ledger Lane Queen St--14:43------15:48
Outwood Leeds Rd Ledger Lane--14:43------15:48
Outwood Leeds Rd Newton Lane--14:44------15:49
Outwood Newton Lane Leeds Rd--14:44------15:49
Outwood Newton Ln Newton Drive--14:45------15:50
Outwood Rooks Nest Rd Newton Lane--14:45------15:50
Outwood Rooks Nest Rd Coach Road--14:47------15:52
Outwood Rooks Nest Road Mountbatten Grove--14:47------15:52
Stanley Rooks Nest Road Broadmeadows--14:47------15:52
Stanley Rooks Nest Rd Clifton Avenue--14:48------15:53
Stanley Rooks Nest Road Stonecroft--14:48------15:53
Stanley Rooks Nest Road--14:49------15:54
Stanley Lime Pit Lane Ash Crescent--14:49------15:54
Stanley Aberford Road Lime Pit Ln--14:50------15:55
Stanley Aberford Road Ferry Ln--14:51------15:56
Pinderfields Aberford Road Parkside Ln--14:52------15:57
Pinderfields Aberford Road Wakefield Hospice--14:53------15:58
Pinderfields Hospital--14:53------15:58
Pinderfields Pinders Grove--14:54------15:59
East Moor Stanley Rd Queen Elizabeth Road--14:55------16:00
Carr Gate Potovens Lane Wakefield 41 Business Park14:41--14:41--15:46--
Wrenthorpe Potovens Lane Mount Ave14:41--14:42--15:46--
Wrenthorpe Rd Melbourne Avenue14:42--14:42--15:47--
Wrenthorpe Rd Dean Close14:43--14:43--15:48--
Wrenthorpe Rd Rishworth Close----14:43------
Wrenthorpe Silcoates Lane Recreation Ground14:44--14:44--15:49--
Wrenthorpe Lane Sunny Hill Clo14:44--14:44--15:49--
Wrenthorpe Sunny Hill Sunnyhill Croft14:44------15:49--
Wrenthorpe Lane Lindale Ln14:45------15:50--
Wrenthorpe Lane Lindale La14:45--14:46--15:50--
Wrenthorpe Lane Silcoates Ln14:45------15:50--
Wrenthorpe Lane Lindale Gro14:45--14:46--15:50--
Alverthorpe Batley Road Pacaholme Rd14:47--14:48--15:52--
Alverthorpe Batley Road St Pauls Dr14:47--14:48--15:52--
Alverthorpe Batley Rd Flanshaw Lane14:48--14:49--15:53--
Alverthorpe Wellington Street Batley Rd----14:50------
Kirkhamgate Batley Road Park Mill Ln----14:52------
Kirkhamgate Lindale Farm----14:53------
Kirkhamgate Batley Road New Row----14:53------
Kirkhamgate Brandy Carr Road Batley Rd----14:54------
Kirkhamgate Brandy Carr Rd Lindale Avenue----14:55------
Flanshaw Lane Willow Ln14:49------15:54--
Flanshaw Lane Harrap St14:49------15:54--
Flanshaw Lane Oakwood Ave14:50------15:55--
Flanshaw Hotel14:51------15:56--
Alverthorpe Peacock Avenue Walker Ave14:55------16:00--

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