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Arriva in Yorkshire
515, 516, 518

Crofton High School

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Route Map

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Crofton High Street Hare Park Ln--15:1515:15
Crofton Doncaster Road Pinfold Dr--15:1715:17
Crofton Pontefract Rd Doncaster Road--15:1815:18
Sharlston Pontefract Road Holme Bank Farm--15:1915:19
Sharlston Weeland Rd Cow Lane--15:2115:21
Sharlston Weeland Rd Library--15:2215:22
Sharlston Weeland Rd Weeland Crescent--15:2215:22
Sharlston Weeland Rd Gin Lane--15:2315:23
Streethouse Weeland Rd Lynwood Close--15:2415:24
Streethouse Whinney Ln Farm Gardens--15:2415:24
Whinney Ln Streethouse Station--15:2515:25
Streethouse Whinney Lane George St--15:2515:25
Streethouse Jun & Inf School--15:2615:26
Streethouse High St Gin Lane--15:2615:26
New Sharlston High St Crossley Street--15:2715:27
Warmfield Meter--15:3015:30
Normanton Wakefield Rd Sylvester Avenue----15:32
Normanton Wakefield Rd Queen Elizabeth Drive----15:33
Normanton Wakefield Rd Goosehill Road----15:34
Normanton Harold Wilson House----15:34
Normanton Wakefield Rd Mill Hill----15:35
Normanton Market St Talbot Street----15:36
Normanton Market Place----15:37
Kirkthorpe Lane Church Ave--15:35--
Kirkthorpe Lane Heath Hall--15:37--
Heath Kirkthorpe Lane Almshouse Ln--15:38--
Agbrigg Doncaster Road Charles Ave--15:40--
Low Ackworth Station Rd Brookfield Drive07:50----
Low Ackworth Station Road The Orchards07:50----
Low Ackworth Station Rd Lee Lane07:50----
Low Ackworth Station Road Low Green07:51----
Low Ackworth Quaker School07:51----
Ackworth Moor Top Barnsley Road Mount Pleasant07:52----
Ackworth Moor Top Barnsley Road Bell Ln07:53----
Ackworth Moor Top Beverley Arms Hotel07:53----
Ackworth Moor Top Wakefield Rd Rhyddings Drive07:54----
Ackworth Moor Top Wakefield Road Elmwood07:54----
Ackworth Moor Top Wakefield Rd Heaton Street07:55----
Ackworth Moor Top Wakefield Road Dicky Sykes Ln07:55----
Ackworth Moor Top Wakefield Rd Garden Street07:56----
Ackworth Moor Top Doncaster Rd King Royd Lane07:56----
Wragby Taylor Wood Cottages07:57----
Wragby Doncaster Rd Chapel Close07:59----
Nostell Priory Gates Doncaster Road08:00----
Foulby Nostell Priory Holiday Park08:02----
Foulby Doncaster Rd Towers Lane08:03----
Foulby Doncaster Rd West Lane08:04----
Crofton Slack Ln Pinfold Drive08:05----
Crofton Slack Lane Frenlea Close08:06----
Crofton High Street Hare Park Ln08:07----

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