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Arriva in Yorkshire

Selby to Pontefract

via Beal and Knottingley

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Service Overview

This service will be on diversion from 1st October.

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Service Details

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Route Map

View all stops4761 4761 476476476
Selby Shops--------16:40
Selby St Patrick's Church--------16:40
Selby D'Arcy Road--------16:41
Selby Fostergate--------16:41
Selby Swing Bridge--------16:42
Selby Pagnell Avenue--------16:42
Selby Denison House--------16:43
Selby Denison Road End--------16:43
Selby Benedict Avenue--------16:44
Selby College--------16:44
Selby Abbot's Road--------16:45
Selby Abbot's Road--------16:45
Selby Eden Avenue--------16:46
Selby Abbots Road Bawtry Rd End--------16:46
Selby Canal Bridge--------16:47
Selby Reginald Terrace--------16:48
Selby Bus Stn Stand 307:1509:5011:5013:5016:55
Selby Audus Street07:1609:5111:5113:5116:57
Selby Ebor Street07:1709:5111:5213:5216:58
Selby Union Lane07:1809:5211:5213:5216:59
Selby Courtneys07:1909:5311:5313:5317:01
Selby Ferndale Road--------17:03
Selby Myrtle Avenue--------17:03
Brayton Bassett Close--------17:04
Brayton The Mount--------17:05
Selby War Memorial Hospital07:1909:5311:5413:54--
Brayton College07:21--------
Brayton College07:2109:5411:5513:55--
Brayton Meadow Croft07:2209:5511:5613:5617:07
Brayton Green07:2209:5611:5713:5717:07
Brayton Greenacres Crescent--------17:08
Brayton Moat Way--------17:08
Brayton Moat Way Estate--------17:10
Brayton Greenacres Crescent--------17:10
Brayton Mill Lane07:2309:5711:5813:5817:11
Brayton Anchor Inn07:2409:5912:0014:0017:12
Burn Grange07:2510:0012:0114:0117:12
Burn Park Lane07:2610:0212:0314:0317:13
Chapel Haddlesey Haddlesey Crossroads07:2810:0512:0514:0517:16
Chapel Haddlesey Hensall And Kellington Lane--10:0712:07----
Hut Green Eggborough Power Station--10:0712:08----
Hut Green Eggborough Roall Water Works--10:0812:08----
Hensall Council Houses07:32----14:0917:21
Hensall Wand Lane07:33----14:1017:22
Hensall Methodist Church07:33----14:1017:22
Hensall The Chestnuts07:34----14:1117:23
Hensall Wheldon Cottage07:35----14:1217:23
Hensall Sandholme07:35----14:1217:24
Hensall Weeland House07:36----14:1317:24
Hensall Lewis's Depot07:37----14:1417:25
Hut Green High Eggborough Lane07:4010:0912:0914:1717:28
Hut Green Horse And Jockey07:4110:1012:1014:1817:29
Eggborough Graysfield07:4110:1012:1014:1817:29
Whitley Bridge Cannon Hall Lane07:4210:1112:1114:1917:30
Eggborough Westfield Avenue07:4410:1312:1314:2117:31
Kellington Old Vicarage07:4710:1612:1614:2417:34
Kellington Post Office07:4810:1712:1714:2517:35
Kellington Church Lane07:4810:1712:1714:2517:35
Beal New Lane07:5010:1912:1914:2717:37
Beal Chapel Garth07:5110:2012:2014:2817:38
Beal Pinfold House07:5110:2012:2014:2817:38
Kellingley The Oval07:54--------
Kellingley Sudforth Lane07:5510:2312:2314:3117:41
Kellingley Colliery07:5610:2412:2414:3217:42
Knottingley Weeland Rd Southmoor Lane07:5810:2512:2514:3317:43
Knottingley Weeland Rd Chemical Works07:5810:2612:2614:3417:43
Knottingley Fernley Green--------17:45
Knottingley Fernley Green08:0010:2712:2714:35--
Knottingley Womersley Road Weeland Rd08:0010:2812:2714:36--
Knottingley Weeland Rd England Lane08:0110:2812:2814:36--
Knottingley Town Hall08:0210:2912:2814:37--
Knottingley Hill Top Forge Hill Ln08:0310:3012:2914:38--
Knottingley Ferrybridge Road Hill Top08:0310:3112:3014:39--
Ferrybridge Fishergate Vale Crescent08:0410:3112:3014:39--
Ferrybridge Fishergate Pinders Garth08:0510:3212:3114:40--
Ferrybridge Argyle Road Broughtons Yard08:0510:3212:3114:40--
Ferrybridge The Square08:0610:3312:3214:41--
Ferrybridge Castleford Lane Richmond Ave08:0810:3512:3414:43--
Ferrybridge Castleford Lane Pontefract Rd08:0810:3512:3414:43--
Ferrybridge Pontefract Rd Windsor Drive08:0910:3612:3514:44--
Nevison Pontefract Road Limetrees08:1110:3812:3714:46--
Nevison Pontefract Rd Darkfield Lane08:1310:3912:3814:47--
Nevison Ferrybridge Rd Orchard Head Lane08:1310:4012:3914:47--
Nevison Orchard Head Lane Holmfield Ln08:1410:4012:3914:48--
Mill Ln Nevison Avenue08:1510:4112:4014:49--
Monkhill Ferrybridge Rd Box Lane08:1610:4212:4114:50--
Monkhill Mill Dam Lane St Annes Villas08:1710:4312:4214:51--
Pontefract North Baileygate Mill Dam Lane08:1810:4412:4314:52--
Pontefract Northgate Spink Lane08:1810:4512:4414:52--
Pontefract Bus Station--10:4612:4514:54--
Pontefract Bus Station08:30--------
Pontefract Stuart Road Swimming Baths08:30--------
Pontefract Stuart Road Colonels Walk08:31--------
Pontefract Park Lane Portland Ave08:33--------
North Featherstone Park Lane Gleneagles Rd08:38--------
North Featherstone Willow Lane Willow Garth08:38--------
North Featherstone Willow Ln Church Lane08:39--------
North Featherstone St Wilfrids RC High School08:40--------

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