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Arriva in Yorkshire

Drax to York

via Camblesforth, Barlow, Selby, Wistow, Cawood, Kelfield, Stillingfleet, Naburn and Fulford. This service is fully supported by the Parish Transport Initiative.

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Service Overview

Changes will be made to the weekday and Saturday timetables to improve service reliability.
The first bus from Selby to York will now depart at 06:05 on weekdays and 06:17 on Saturdays. The first weekday service from York will depart at 07:05.

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Service Details

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Route Map

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York Piccadilly10:5012:5015:5017:50
York Clifford Street10:5012:5015:5017:50
York The Barbican10:5212:5215:5217:52
York Howard Street10:5312:5315:5317:53
Fulford Road Alma Terrace10:5412:5415:5417:53
Fulford Road Imphal Barracks10:5412:5415:5417:54
Fulford Road Broadway West10:5512:5515:5517:55
Fulford Church10:5612:5615:5617:55
Fulford Main Street10:5612:5615:5617:56
Fulford Bay Horse10:5712:5715:5717:56
Fulford Germany Lane10:5812:5815:5817:57
Fulford Naburn Lane11:0113:0116:0118:00
Naburn Howden Dike11:0313:0316:0318:02
Naburn School11:0413:0416:0418:03
Naburn Grange Garth11:0413:0416:0418:03
Naburn Lock11:0513:0516:0518:04
Naburn Grange11:0513:0516:0518:04
Stillingfleet Snowlandia11:0713:0716:0718:06
Stillingfleet St Helen's Church11:1013:1016:1018:09
Stillingfleet Cross Keys Inn11:1013:1016:1018:09
Kelfield Moor End11:1413:1416:1418:13
Kelfield The Old School House11:1513:1516:1518:14
Kelfield The Grey Horse11:1513:1516:1518:14
Cawood Chapel11:2013:2016:1918:18
Cawood The Castle Inn11:2013:2016:1918:18
Cawood Nickey Nackey Lane11:2113:2116:2018:19
Cawood Wistowgate House11:2113:2116:2018:19
Wistow Greenways Court11:2513:2516:2318:22
Wistow All Saints Church11:2613:2616:2418:23
Selby The Bungalow11:3113:3116:2918:28
Selby Monk Lane11:3313:3316:3118:30
Selby High Meadow11:3413:3416:3218:31
Selby Carentan Close11:3413:3416:3218:31
Selby Coultish Centre11:3513:3516:3318:32
Selby Cockret Road11:3513:3516:3318:32
Selby Haig Street11:3613:3616:3418:33
Selby Hutchinson Street11:3613:3616:3418:33
Selby 494 hail and ride end11:3613:3616:3418:33
Selby Mormon Church11:3713:3716:3518:34
Selby Post Office11:3713:3716:3518:34
Selby Dixons11:3813:3816:3618:35
Selby Leisure Centre11:3813:3816:3618:35
Selby Audus Street11:3913:3916:3718:36
Selby Bus Stn Stand 211:4113:4116:3918:38

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