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Arriva in Yorkshire

Brighouse to Bradford

via Cleckheaton

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Brighouse Bus Station--15:1017:20
Brighouse Clifton Road Wakefield Rd--15:1117:21
Brighouse Clifton Common Alegar Street--15:1117:21
Clifton Common Ash Grove--15:1217:22
Clifton Common Thornhills Lane--15:1317:23
Clifton Towngate Towngate Avenue--15:1417:24
Clifton Towngate Cemetery & Methodist Church--15:1417:24
Clifton Towngate Grange Lane--15:1417:24
Clifton Deep Lane Westgate--15:1517:25
Clifton Deep Lane Cross Ln--15:1517:25
Clifton Kirklees Home Farm--15:1617:26
Hartshead Freakfield Vicarage--15:1717:27
Hartshead Lane Cross Hill Lne--15:1817:28
Hartshead Lane Peep Green Rd--15:1817:28
Peep Green Rd Hartshead Lane--15:1917:29
Hartshead Peep Green Rd Windy Bank Lane--15:1917:29
Hightown Windy Bank Lane Hare Park Ln--15:2017:30
Hightown Windy Bank Lane Second Ave--15:2217:32
Hightown Windy Bank Lane Sixth Ave--15:2217:32
Hightown Windy Bank Lane Tanner St--15:2217:32
Hartshead Moor Halifax Rd New Lane--15:2317:33
Hartshead Moor Old Pack Horse PH--15:2317:33
Hartshead Moor Scholes Lane Halifax Rd--15:2417:34
Hartshead Moor Scholes Lane The Copse--15:2517:35
Scholes Lane Hillcrest Mount--15:2517:35
Scholes Lane Foldings Rd--15:2617:36
Scholes Walkers Arms New Road East--15:2717:37
Scholes Whitechapel Rd Branch Road--15:2717:37
Scholes Whitechapel Road Whitechapel Grove--15:2817:38
Cleckheaton Whitechapel Rd Turnsteads Avenue--15:3017:40
Cleckheaton Whitechapel Rd Church--15:3017:40
Cleckheaton Whitechapel Rd Turnsteads Drive--15:3117:41
Cleckheaton Moor End Cross Roads--15:3317:43
Cleckheaton Bradford Rd Victoria Street--15:3317:43
Cleckheaton Bradford Road Wesley St--15:3417:44
Cleckheaton Bradford Road Scott Ln--15:3417:44
Cleckheaton Town Hall--15:3517:45
Cleckheaton Greenside Mortimer Street--15:3617:46
Cleckheaton Bus Station15:3915:3917:49
Cleckheaton Town Hall15:3915:3917:49
Cleckheaton Bradford Road Scott Ln15:4015:4017:50
Cleckheaton Bradford Road Wesley St15:4115:4117:51
Cleckheaton Bradford Rd Victoria Street15:4115:4117:51
Cleckheaton Hunsworth Lane Willow St15:4215:4217:52
Cleckheaton Hunsworth Lane Riverside Dr15:4315:4317:53
Hunsworth Lane Links Ave15:4415:4417:54
Hunsworth Lane Greenroyd Ave15:4415:4417:54
Hunsworth Lane Mill Ln15:4515:4517:55
Hunsworth Lane Plane Trees Close15:4515:4517:55
Hunsworth Lane Motorway Bridge15:4515:4517:55
Hunsworth Lower Lane15:4715:4717:57
East Bierley Upper Park House Farm15:4815:4817:58
East Bierley Hunsworth Lane Winfield Dr15:4815:4817:58
East Bierley Hunsworth Lane Hurstville Ave15:4915:4917:59
East Bierley The Green15:5015:5018:00
East Bierley South View Road Southway15:5015:5018:00
East Bierley Raikes Ln Raikes Wood Drive15:5115:5118:01
Tong Street Toftshaw Lane Stead Rd15:5215:5218:02
Tong Street Toftshaw Lane15:5315:5318:03
Tong Street Oddy Street15:5415:5418:04
Tong Street Tong St Tennis Avenue15:5415:5418:04
Tong Street Tong St Avenue St15:5515:5518:05
Tong Street Highfield15:5515:5518:05
Dudley Hill Prince Street15:5615:5618:06
Dudley Hill Tong St Rook Lane15:5715:5718:07
East Bowling Wakefield Rd Lister Avenue15:5915:5918:09
East Bowling Wakefield Rd Sheridan Street16:0016:0018:10
East Bowling Wakefield Rd Paley Road16:0016:0018:10
East Bowling Wakefield Rd Usher Street16:0116:0118:11
Bradford City Centre Wakefield Rd Hall Lane16:0216:0218:12
Bradford City Centre Wakefield Road Hall La16:0316:0318:13
Bradford City Centre Interchange16:0516:0518:15

1Term Time Only 2Only During School Holidays

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