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Castleford to Pontefract

via Featherstone

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Route Map

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Castleford Bus Station17:5518:55Then
Castleford Station Road17:5618:565621:5622:56
Castleford Lower Oxford St Beancroft Road17:5718:575721:5722:57
Castleford Beancroft Road Hugh St17:5818:585821:5822:58
Castleford Smawthorne Lane Smawthorne Ave17:5918:595921:5922:59
Castleford Smawthorne Lane Lisheen Ave18:0019:000022:0023:00
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Parklands18:0019:000022:0023:00
Castleford Lisheen Ave Blands Close18:0119:010122:0123:01
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Willow Rd18:0119:010122:0123:01
Castleford Lisheen Avenue Leeds Rd18:0119:010122:0123:01
Glasshoughton Leeds Rd Joffre Avenue18:0219:020222:0223:02
Glasshoughton Leeds Road Asda18:0219:020222:0223:02
Cutsyke Leeds Rd Barnes Road18:0319:030322:0323:03
Cutsyke Leeds Road Old School Court18:0319:030322:0323:03
Cutsyke Leeds Rd Granville Street18:0419:040422:0423:04
Cutsyke Aketon Road WMC18:0519:050522:0523:05
Cutsyke Rd Premier Way18:0519:050522:0523:05
Cutsyke Road Castleford Ln18:0619:060622:0623:06
North Featherstone Willow Lane Cemetery18:0719:070722:0723:07
North Featherstone Willow Ln Church Lane18:0819:080822:0823:08
North Featherstone Cross Roads18:0919:090922:0923:09
North Featherstone Featherstone Lane Highfield Close18:0919:090922:0923:09
North Featherstone Featherstone Lane Carlton St18:1019:101022:1023:10
Featherstone Lane Dixon St18:1119:111122:1123:11
Featherstone Green Lane Jardine Ave18:1119:111122:1123:11
Featherstone Green Ln Market Street18:1219:121222:1223:12
Featherstone Station Lane Cedar Walk18:1319:131322:1323:13
Featherstone Station Lane Maxwell St18:1319:131322:1323:13
Featherstone Station Lane18:1419:141422:1423:14
Featherstone F2 Wakefield Road18:1419:141422:1423:14
Featherstone Wakefield Rd Lister Road18:1519:151522:1523:15
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Hillcrest Avenue18:1619:161622:1623:16
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Southfield Avenue18:1619:161622:1623:16
Featherstone Wentworth Rd Priordale Road18:1619:161622:1623:16
Featherstone Priory Rd Huntwick Drive18:1619:161622:1623:16
Featherstone Priory Rd Hardwick Road18:1719:171722:1723:17
Featherstone Priory Rd Girnhill Lane18:1719:171722:1723:17
Featherstone Pontefract Road18:1819:181822:1823:18
Featherstone Pontefract Rd Ackworth Road18:1919:191922:1923:19
Featherstone Pontefract Rd Little Lane18:1919:191922:1923:19
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Road Purston Sports Centre18:2019:202022:2023:20
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Rd Houndhill Lane18:2119:212122:2123:21
Purston Jaglin Pontefract Road Monkroyd Cottage18:2119:212122:2123:21
Purston Jaglin Osgoldcross Crematorium18:2219:222222:2223:22
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Queens Avenue18:2319:232322:2323:23
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Drivers Row18:2419:242422:2423:24
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Beechwood Crescent18:2419:242422:2423:24
Pontefract Wakefield Rd Banks Avenue18:2519:252522:2523:25
Pontefract Southgate Jubilee Way18:2519:252522:2523:25
Pontefract Southgate General Hospital18:2619:262622:2623:26
Pontefract Bus Station18:2819:282822:2823:28

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Service updates

  • Castleford changes

    Service changes from 19 July 2015

    We are making some improvements to our Castleford. For full timetable please click the service number you are interested in:

    Please note a list of these changes will also be available on bus.

    4- This service has been withdrawn due to loss of tender.

    13 Minor timetable changes for punctuality reasons.

    13- Minor timetable changes for punctuality reasons.

    13- Minor timetable changes for punctuality reasons.

    156/15- Minor timetable changes during the day and evening.

    163-16- Minor timetable changes for punctuality reasons.

    167-16- Minor timetable changes for punctuality reasons.

    177   Minor timetable changes on the Saturday morning service.

    184-18- Minor timetable changes for punctuality reasons.

    18- Monday to Friday 1307 and 1407  ex Castleford will now  depart at 1312  and 1412  and no longer operate via Tuscany Way.  The 1305 and 1405 ex Wakefield will no longer operate via Tuscany Way.

    18- Wakefield to Leeds service has minor timetable changes. Leeds  to Wakefield day time journeys Monday to Saturday will now  depart Leeds  at 15 and 45 past the hour.

    41Monday to Saturday. Timetable changes to try to improve punctuality. Day time journeys from Pontefract will now depart at 15 and 45 past the hour.

  • View the full list of changes