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Arriva in Yorkshire

How ticket zones work in Yorkshire

We want to make sure that you get the best ticket deals available and we have a series of ticket zones where regular travellers can get discounted tickets

We have ‘Saver zones’ covering West Yorkshire, Yorkshire and Selby. In addition we have urban tickets for Leeds, Dewsbury, Wakefield and Doncaster.

So, for example, the Wakefield urban ticket area covers all of the Wakefield urban area. You can use a Wakefield urban ticket for any journeys on Wakefield city services like routes 101, 103 and 105. 

But they’re also valid for use on out-of-town services as far as specified ‘boundary points’. This means, for example, that a Wakefield urban ticket is valid for use on route 110, the Wakefield – Leeds service, for any journeys in the section of route between Wakefield and Kettlethorpe High School to the south or the Sun Inn to the north. You can see the various boundary points on maps of the Saver areas.

If you’re travelling beyond one of the urban zone boundaries in West Yorkshire, the West Yorkshire Zone is what you need, and if you’re travelling beyond the West Yorkshire boundary, you need our Yorkshire Zone Saver tickets.

If you wish to use more than one operator's bus services, or if you wish to use the bus and the train, then MCard is the best choice for you. The MCard is valid across the whole of West Yorkshire and offers great value for money. For more information please visit: