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Arriva in Yorkshire

All Saints are Sapphire VIPs!

06 May 16

We recently attended All Saints Primary school in Featherstone to give a Public Transport lesson on our Sapphire 110 bus!

Driver Ian Jefferson lead the way with a fantastic talk about the benefits of using the bus, followed by a ‘what’s on the bus’ quiz. The children then had the chance to pretend to be a Bus Driver, before being given some Sapphire sunglasses and VIP goodies.

The school were amazed with all the great features of our Sapphire 110 bus including the Next Stop Announcement system, e-leather seats, plug sockets and free Wi-Fi. 

Driver Ian said: “I’ve had a great afternoon at All Saints School! We drove across to help the children out with a topic they were studying about Public Transport. It was amazing to see the kids looking around one of our Sapphire busses and asking some great questions. They really enjoyed the experience, and couldn’t thank us enough! We hope to see them out and about with their parents using our Arriva buses in the near future!”

As a thank you to the children we will be sending free West Yorkshire day savers for them all to hop on board our Sapphire 110 bus again soon!