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Arriva in Yorkshire

Dewsbury depot working in partnership with Thornhill Community Academy

10 July 17

As part of an ongoing partnership with Thornhill Community Academy and following a successful visit from a group of junior aged children last year, Jonathan, a 16 year old visited Dewsbury depot as an end of exams treat. Other pupils went to a cinema or a trip to Leeds or a museum, but Jonathan is a keen bus enthusiast. 

During the day Anna Weeks, Dewsbury Depot General Manager, showed Jonathan a video of what goes on every day at the depot before taking him on a tour of engineering. 

Adam Stead, Dewsbury depot Engineering Manager, showed him inside an engine and Jonathan even managed to have a look around some brand new vehicles. Jonathan also played with the destination screen and set it up for a trip to the bus station. At the bus station Jonathan was shown how to use a ticket machine and printed some tickets off, he even had a go on a Radio Call to a driver! 

As a last treat Anna and Adam drove Jonathan past his school, before returning to the depot to show him how drivers cash their money in and also to collect his bag of Arriva Yorkshire Goodies.

It was a fantastic day and fun was had by everyone, including Anna and Adam (Anna even learnt a few things about engineering!)