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Arriva in Wales

Travelling around Rhos-on-Sea

Travelling around Rhos-on-Sea

Bringing truth to the meaning that small is beautiful, Rhos-on-Sea is a charming seaside village filled with beauty. A seaside resort in Conwy County Borough, this stunning area sits happily between two larger seaside towns, Llandudno and Colwyn Bay.

Easily accessible thanks to its road links, Arriva buses run a number of services in and out of the area. This will allow you to enjoy this quaint resort, while also being able to reach larger areas, if needed.

Family on the beach during Winter

Filled with pristine beaches, Rhos-on-Sea is a blend of unique shops, and a selection of delightful activities. You’ll love spending time here.

What’s a seaside resort without a beach? Well, luckily for those visiting Rhos-on-Sea there’s long, sandy stretches to walk across throughout the day – a picture-perfect setting for your trip. You can choose to walk or sit on the beach itself, or stroll across the prom and gaze upon the beauty that sits in front of you.

Because this is a seaside village, a fun and exciting pastime here is crabbing. The jetty in Rhos is the ideal spot for this. With some of the best crab fishing on the coast, it’s a tradition to release your crab a few feet from the water’s edge and have a crab race.

It’s not all seaside fun though at Rhos-on-Sea. You can also explore other places of interest, such as St Trillo Chapel. Built in the 6th century, this was the mother church to a large parish, and is the smallest chapel in Britain. Meanwhile, taking a stroll up Bryn Euryn will give you epic 360-degree views of Rhos, as this limestone mountain is 130 metres high. You’ll also find the ruins of Llys Euryn, a house built in the 1200s.