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Travelling around Connahs Quay

Travelling around Connahs Quay

Resting peacefully in Flintshire, Connah’s Quay is the largest town in the area. Sitting within the Deeside conurbation of towns, on the River Dee, it lies close to the English Border.

Known as ‘The Quay’ to local people, you’ll find plenty of things to see here. From the beauty of the scenery to the wonders that resulted from the growth in industry, Connah’s Quay is a fascinating place.

Whether you’re looking to come or go, there are several public transport services. Arriva buses run services to and from Connah’s Quay, meaning you can visit places such as Mold, Chester and Holywell.

Connah's Quay

Although the identity of ‘Connah’ remains unknown, we do know that the town was originally called New Quay. However, this was changed after 1860 to prevent confusion with other similarly named places.

The town remained untouched for around 200 years, until the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, which resulted in the area becoming a busy port during the mid-Victorian period. The port eventually grew and the area became a major railway town, with its main line still open today.