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Arriva in Wales

Travelling around Caernarfon

Travelling around Caernarfon

You step back in time the moment you arrive in Caernarfon, where you’ll be met by the domineering presence of the most famous castle in Wales. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Caernarfon Castle has stood here since the 13th century, and helps the town to retain its stunning medieval charm. A port in Gwynedd, Caernarfon lies on the eastern shore of the Menai Strait, directly opposite Anglesey.

With a number of public transport options, getting in and out of the town is relatively easy. Arriva buses operate to and from Caernarfon, connecting the area to Bangor and even Llandudno.

Celtic tribe

Caernarfon’s proximity to the Menai Strait has provided an abundance of natural resources throughout its long history, and has meant there has been human habituation here since prehistoric times. A Celtic tribe lived in the area before the Romans invaded and established a fort.

Wales continued to remain independent until 1283, even preventing an invasion from William the Conqueror, who ordered a motte-and-bailey castle to be built in the area. However, the English took charge in the 13th century, which led to the construction of Caernarfon Castle – one of the biggest English buildings in Wales.