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Arriva in Wales

Arriva Keeps it in the Family this Father's Day.

15 June 18
Hill FamilyWhen Paul Hill started out as a bus driver in 1997, little did he know that his career choice would influence the decision of not one, but three of his children later in life.

Paul from Connah’s Quay, Deeside, started out as a postman and part time DJ, but after injuring his back in an accident, he was forced to make a career change. Now a bus driver with Arriva, Paul started his career with the company in 1997, and after 11 years of service, he was joined by his first son Chris.

Paul aged 58 commented: “Since starting my career as a driver I’ve loved my job, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I miss spinning the decks but now, I get such satisfaction out of being a driver and I think that feeling has really shown my sons what a great career you can have at Arriva.”

Paul continued: “When I first heard that Chris was interested in starting at the company I was delighted, I thought, how great, not many dads get to see their kids every day especially when they’re all grown up with children of their own.”

Paul, father to three sons, Christopher 32, Dan, 31, and Daniel 22, have all followed in their father's footsteps embarking on various different careers at Arriva, with Chris, who started as a bus cleaner and has progressed to become a driver like his Dad.

Christopher from Connahs Quay commented: “Growing up I was always on the bus with my Dad, so when I first started at Arriva it was great to be see another side to the business as a cleaner. Then, after a few years I was ready to try my hand at something new and decided to take the test to become a driver, something which I felt like I was destined to do.”

Five years after Christopher joined Arriva, his younger brother Daniel soon decided to turn his hand to driving and joined in 2009, quickly moving through the ranks to become a Supervisor to his father and brother.

Dan commented: “When I first applied for the job as Supervisor I did wonder how that might impact my relationship with my dad and brothers, but it’s actually worked out really well. I would say that I’m definitely more hard on them than other drivers because I can’t have people thinking I give them an easy ride.”

A few years later after admiring his father and brother’s careers from afar, youngest brother Daniel joined his family at Arriva in September 2017 starting as a trainee driver.

Daniel commented: “Since starting the job, I definitely have a new-found admiration for my Dad and the length of time that he’s served in the bus industry, I would say he’s definitely been my inspiration over these last few months.”

This Father’s Day 18th June, Dan. Christopher & Daniel will be treating their dad to an extra special surprise to show him their appreciation.

Paul added: “I feel really lucky to be able to work alongside my kids every day, it’s definitely brought us all closer together. It’s great to see how they’re each progressing within the company, and I really can’t wait to see what the future holds for them all.”

Pictured above (from left to right): Christopher, Paul, Dan, Daniel Hill.