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Our awesome new contactless payment systems have come to Wales

Board the bus with a tap thanks to contactless payments via debit or credit card, or your smartphone

No one wants to spend their morning searching for change just to board the bus. That’s why we’re making bus travel in Wales simpler, with contactless payments that mean you can hop on and pay without scrambling through your wallet for loose coins. How good’s that?

We’re brought contactless payments to all our bus routes in Wales, so you can take advantage of a convenient new way to pay for your daily journeys. Just jump on, let the driver know where you’d like to go, and tap the contactless icon with your card or smartphone. It’s that easy, and we hope it makes your day a little simpler.

What is contactless payment?

If you’re new to contactless payments, we’re happy to say that it couldn’t be any easier to use. Wherever you see the contactless icon, you can use contactless-enabled debit and credit cards to make instant payments with a tap – as long as the amount you want to pay is under £30.

And there are other ways to take advantage of contactless, too, like using a smart device, including:

  • Smartphones
  • Fobs
  • Wearable devices like watches and wristbands
  • Tablets


It’s easy to check if your card or device is contactless-enabled; just look for the contactless icon, and you’re ready to start making payments instantly.

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Any questions?

All your queries are answered on our FAQs page.