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Arriva in Wales

Arriva Llandudno driver comes to the rescue

16 March 16
Image of lost dog at Arriva LlandudnoEmployees at our Llandudno garage thought driver Simon Court was barking when he said he had encountered a four-legged intruder in the depot.

But it turned out that the uninvited dawn visitor was just a stray dog looking for shelter.

Simon spotted the dog at 5.30am on a freezing cold day in January.

“I was very surprised to see him standing in the depot,” said Simon. “His back legs were shaking with the cold and so we think he came in to get warm. He must have followed one of the drivers in.”

Depot supervisor Scott Hardwick phoned the RSPCA but they were unable to come out until later in the morning.

“We decided to take him to the vet’s,” said Scott. “Luckily there is one a few feet away from the depot, which is open 24 hours.”

The vet scanned the dog, which was fortunately microchipped, and made the much-awaited call to its owner.

“The dog belonged to a lady in her seventies,” said Scott. “She was extremely thankful and very relieved as her pet was 19 years old.

“It was a very happy occasion and we had done our good deed for the day. Part of me hopes he pops back to see us!”