Bus travel that takes you a million miles from home

01 April 16

Arriva’s pioneering mobile technology team has announced its latest app innovation, which looks set to transport passengers into a whole new world of bus travel.

Bus passenger trialling Arriva's new virtual window view technologyCustomer experience revolutionised

The exciting new functionality, which will form part of Arriva’s already popular travel planning app, is set to revolutionise customer experience by allowing people to effectively control the view they have from the bus window with just a swipe of their smartphone.

Time to kick back and relax

Pre-loaded with aspirational images from across the globe, the tool will effectively sync the passengers chosen scenery via Bluetooth technology directly onto a two-way window. It has been designed specifically to offer bus users the ultimate way of relaxing, enabling them to kick-back, relax and enjoy their valuable ‘free time’ whilst on board.

Arriva at the cutting edge again

Eve Ginever for Arriva UK Bus, explained: “We have long been at the cutting-edge of both mobile technology in the bus industry, and this new innovation shows just how far we are willing to go to bring public transport into the 21st Century in order to give our customers the best experience possible.

Bus passenger trialling Arriva's new virtual window view technologyA step beyond

“Whilst still a prototype at this stage, we are excited to see how people will react to having more control over the environment in which they travel. It’s a step beyond what anyone has ever tried to achieve in our industry before, but if it helps makes bus travel a more desirable option to those who may not have previously considered it, then we are committed to giving it a go.”

Selected routes

The prototype windows will be launched on selected routes across Arriva's UK bus network this summer,  with step by step instructions for how to trial it on-board.