School travel

Travel to school with Arriva bus

Moving up to secondary school is a big thing, both for year 6 pupils and their parents. Even if the primary school was nearby, probably within walking or cycling distance, it’s more likely that the secondary school will be further away. It might involve a bus ride, perhaps with the eleven-year-old travelling unaccompanied for the first time.

Please note that valid Student ID is required for discounted fares. This may be provided by your school or college, or alternatively you can purchase an International Student Identity Card here. Buy an ISIC card.

Scholars Saver

Where pupils don’t have entitlement to a ticket paid for by the local authority they will need to pay on the bus every day. Arriva has a range of money-saving ticket deals available with its Saver ticket ranges, and often there will be further discounts for school-age children. Typically these are available for a Day, Weekly and 4-Weekly.

Saver tickets can be bought and delivered direct to smart phones, or bought online and delivered either to phones or by post. In addition to the savings these can offer it avoids the need to search for cash every morning or the risk of tickets being lost during the day.

Scholars Saver Tickets

Some school buses are operated under contract, often to a local authority, and Arriva and many other local bus and coach companies are employed to provide these contracted buses. Details of routes, times and eligibility to travel will all be controlled by the school and/or local authority, and that’s who you’d need to contact for more details.

Some local authorities provide pupils with tickets to ride on normal public bus services, and enquiries about tickets in these circumstances would also need to go to the school or local authority.

Many schools are sited on or near our normal bus services, and sometimes journeys on these routes divert briefly off the normal route to call at a school at the appropriate times.