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When you're out and about you can't beat the Arriva Bus App for all the information you need. timetables, route maps, next buses, it's all there.

But did you know you set up and print Personalised Timetables on your desktop or laptop computer as well?

So whether you're in the office or at home, you can specify where from, where to, even days of the week and times if you want, and print out a timetable specific to your own personal requirements.


Here are the 9 simple steps to downloading your own personalised timetable...

Step 1

Go to the Journey Planner at the top left-hand side of your regional or the global homepage, and type in where you want to travel from and to. Hit 'Go' to start.

Personlised timetables screen 1
Step 2

The Journey Planner will open with those places already showing and the current day and time.

Personlised timetables screen 2
Step 3

Click on the Personalised Timetable tab.

Personlised timetables screen 3
Step 4

Now you can refine your from and to points, selecting specific bus stops. When you're ready, click 'Create'.

Personlised timetables screen 4 
Step 5

Now choose whether to print the whole timetable or to refine it further first.

  • For all journeys on all days click 'Create'
  • To refine further click 'Advanced'
Personlised timetables screen 5 
Step 6

If you clicked 'Create' in step 5, you will be given a link to click and in a few moments time you will be able to download your Personalised Timetable.

Personlised timetables screen 6 
Step 7

Soon your Personalised Timetable will be ready for you to download as a PDF. Print it. Save it. Whatever's best for you.

Personlised timetables screen 7 
Step 8

This is an example of a Personalised Timetable. Exactly the information you need, without anything that's not relevant to you.

Personlised timetables screen 8 
Step 9

If you chose 'Advanced' at step 5, you can now choose from a list of refinements - dates, days, times, delivery methods, etc. When you're ready click 'Create' and follow the process to completion as above.

Personlised timetables screen 9


Create your own timetable...

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