Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What services are covered by the Arriva Bus app?

A - You will be able to search on all Arriva bus services throughout the UK, except for those services operated on behalf of Transport for London

Q - On what handsets can I use the Arriva Bus app?

A - The Arriva Bus app is now available for the users of iPhone and Android handsets. iPhone users can simply download the free application from their ‘App Store’ or iTunes, whilst Android users can do likewise from ‘Google Play’ by searching for ‘Arriva Bus’. The iPhone version can also be used on iPads, but you will need to change the App Store display to iPhone Apps in order to install the Arriva Bus app on an iPad. There are however no immediate plans to extend this to other operating systems e.g. Windows phone, BlackBerry, but this is something we may consider in future should there be sufficient demand.

Q - Can I still use the Arriva Bus app if I’m using a non-standard operating system on my phone (‘rooted’, ‘hacked’ or ‘jailbroken’ phones)?

A - No, we do not support devices that have been ‘rooted’, and use non-standard operating systems. We recommend that you uninstall any such operating system if you wish to use the Arriva Bus app.

Q - Does it matter what mobile network I am on?

A - No, it doesn’t matter which mobile network you use. The app can be used across all mobile networks.

Q - How much is the Arriva Bus app?

A - Nothing, you can download and use for free although please be aware that the Arriva Bus app will require an internet connection and thus will use data out for the user's data quota when operating over 3G or 4G.

Q - Why should I enable location services on my phone when I download the Arriva Bus app?

A - You don’t have to, but you will benefit from optimum performance and user experience if the app receives your location, and you’ll be able to fully use features such as ‘Bus Stop Finder’, 'Current Location' and ‘Live Map’. You can always change your preference in 'Settings' on your phone or tablet.

Q - What about privacy - do you store my location information?

A - We don’t track or record your location information. You can delete your journey history, the choice is yours.

Q - When planning my journey, what can I search for within the Arriva Bus app?

A - You can search on all of the usual criteria you’d expect, including current position, bus stop name, bus stop code or postcode. You can also select when you want to travel, what time you want to leave or when you want to arrive by.

Q - Can I store details of my regular journeys?

A - Yes, the ‘Favourites’ option enables you to store details of your favourites locations, bus stops and trips.

Q - What is real time information, and when will it be available in my area?

A - Real time information (RTI) is an output from our vehicle management system that provides comprehensive up-to-the-minute passenger information, by tracking all of our buses using regular GPS location signals. RTI is now available in all of our operations except Colchester, which we’re working hard to complete shortly.

Q – What is the difference between ‘predicted location’ and ‘last known location’ within Live Map?

A – ‘predicted’ location uses the best information available at that time to forecast where the bus is, whilst ‘last known location’ shows the position of the bus using the last report received.

Q – How does the Live Bus tracking work?

A – Each bus transmits a signal showing its GPS location using a SIM within the vehicle approximately every 20 seconds. Sometimes, for reasons outside of our control, the GPRS communication is not received, therefore we offer ‘last known location’ as an alternative to ‘predicted location’.

Q - How accurate are the times on the Arriva Bus app?

A - A traditional bus timetable shows bus times at key places along the route, not at every single bus stop. Typically these would be each end of the route and then a point in each of the towns and main villages along the way. These are called ‘timing points’. Bus drivers should never depart from timing points earlier than the published times. Obviously in reality every journey is different - influenced by things like other traffic, weather and roadworks - so it isn’t realistic to quote accurate times from every single bus stop between the timing points. Therefore while the times we tell you for timing points should be accurate, those for intermediate bus stops can only be our best estimate.

Q – What do the +, – and * symbols mean, and what is the significance of the different coloured text?

A – These are all quick visual guides to the timekeeping of the bus:

  • + means it’s running on time (+0) or running late (e.g. +5 means 5 minutes late)
  • – means it’s running earlier than scheduled (–2 means 2 minutes early). This could happen at intermediate stops, but the bus will never leave a timing point earlier than the scheduled departure time (see previous FAQ for an explanation of ‘timing points’ and ‘intermediate stops’
  • * means the bus isn’t currently being tracked in real time


  • Blue means the bus is on time
  • Green means the bus is delayed by up to 4 minutes
  • Red means the bus is delayed by 5 minutes or more

Q - I’ve noticed some inaccuracies with the route map, how accurate are they?

A - Our route maps have been input from our scheduling systems using the latest mapping software, however there may be some inaccuracies from the maps shown on your handset if your provider is not using the most up-to-date version, e.g. road layout changes.

Q - What happens if the Arriva Bus app suggests an unsuitable walk link?

A - We can't be responsible if the Arriva Bus app suggests a walk route that is inaccessible or not a right of way, e.g. through a river or across private land, but please let us know of any examples you find so that we can remove them.

Q - I've noticed that the name given to my local bus stop in the Arriva Bus app is wrong. Can this be changed?

A - We have used the bus stop names provided in NaPTAN, the Department for Transport's national database of bus stops across the UK. However, please let us know if you notice any anomalies and we will try to get them corrected.

Q - What about services run by other operators?

A - The Arriva Bus app only provides information on all Arriva bus services throughout the UK, except for those services operated on behalf of Transport for London.

Q – Can I purchase a ticket?

A – Yes, there is a link to the separate Arriva m-ticket app from the home page. If you already have the m-ticket app, you’ll be able to buy a ticket straight away, but if not, you’ll be able to download from the relevant app store. In future we intend to fully integrate the functionality into a single app. There's also a link to our website where you can purchase tickets and have them posted to you, or have them sent to your mobile phone (if you already have the m-ticket app.)

Q - What about information about fares?

A - We intend to provide information on all ticket types, including point-to-point single fares, in a future version, and hope to be ready to launch this later in the year.

Q - Do I need to connect to the internet each time I use the Arriva Bus app?

A - Yes, most of the functionality will require an internet connection, whether using WiFi for journey planning, or 3G/4G for real time information when on the move.

Q - What happens when there is a planned or unplanned diversion in place?

A – For longer term, planned diversions we will reschedule the operation of the affected service and the Arriva Bus App will be able to give real-time information about the buses. For short term, unplanned diversions we plan to provide links from the app to our existing online Service Updates.

Q - Will the Arriva Bus app automatically send me information about my favourite journeys, e.g. when there is a delay?

A - This is not something that will be available in the first version, but alerts and push messages are planned and will be available as an option in a future release.

Q - I've noticed a mistake with my local journey information. Who shall I contact?

A - We really do appreciate feedback, especially since this is the first version of something new. The amount of data required to produce this app is huge and we know that there will be minor bugs that we'll need to smooth out over the first few months. Your help will help us to provide you with a better app. Please use either 'Contact Us' within the 'More' section of the app, tell us what you think here on our website or email [email protected].

Q - I still need further help, who can I contact?

A - No problem, you can use our Live chat facility, email at [email protected] or call our customer service team on 0344 800 44 11 (8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday).