Single and return tickets

Single tickets

A single ticket entitles you to a one-way journey on any of our services.

Buy your single ticket from the bus driver when you get on and tell them your final destination.

Return tickets

A return ticket gives you two bus trips - one to go and one to come back again.

You'll need to keep your ticket to show the driver on your return trip.

You can make your return trip at any time the same day. You're not tied to specific times and don't need to book in advance.

Where can I buy single and return tickets?


You can buy your bus ticket directly from our driver.  Just tell them your destination and buy your tickets on board. Single and return tickets cannot be purchased online.

How can I pay?


Our bus drivers accept:

  • cash
  • contactless credit or debit cards
  • national transport tokens

Can I get change?


Please try to have the correct fare. Sometimes our drivers may not have change.

Is it cheaper to get two singles or a return ticket?


If you're travelling back with us on the same day, a return ticket may be cheaper than buying two single tickets. Check with your driver before you buy as you'll currently pay no more than £2 per single ticket under the scheme funded by the UK Government (until 31st December 2024) Find out more information on £2 fare

In the Midlands, Yorkshire, North West and Wales only single tickets are available.

What about children?

  • Children aged between five and 15 are charged at a discounted fare.
  • Children under five years of age travel for free with a fare-paying passenger or pass holder.
  • Children under five should vacate their seat if it is required by an adult. 
  • Each passenger may travel with up to three under 5s for free.
  • Additional children will be charged at a discounted rate.

There are more details on our Family page.

Do I still need a ticket if I pay by contactless?


Yes. It will also include a receipt.

Can I buy my single or return bus tickets online?


No, you can only buy your ticket from the driver.

However, if you use our buses regularly, you may want to:

Can I use a different Arriva bus service on my way back?


Yes, you can return on any Arriva service which provides the same direct service, as long as you don't need to change buses.

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