It’s true – We really quite like the bus!

It’s true – We really quite like the bus!

A recent independent survey revealed 9 out of 10 customers are satisfied with their local bus service. The survey, carried out by GfK NOP, interviewed over 2000 Arriva Yorkshire bus passengers as they travelled throughout the region.

The findings show that 94% of Arriva Yorkshire customers are either extremely, very or fairly satisfied with their service.

Nigel Featham, regional managing director for Arriva Yorkshire, said: "The survey asked passengers to rate many aspects of their journey, from information provided at bus stops, punctuality, cleanliness, through to customer service. Our teams continuously strive to provide the very best service for customers and the pride and dedication they show is very much reflected in the survey. Of course, we will remain focused on improving our services further, the best news is that we can use the results to shape an even better bus service for Yorkshire in future.”

The local bus company invested heavily in new technology in 2014 with their Arriva journey planner bus app and their m ticket app allowing passengers to take complete control of their journey through their smart phones. They also introduced MAX in West and North Yorkshire, an enhanced interurban bus service featuring free WIFI, luxury E-leather seats and improved timetables, with more to follow in 2015.

The survey is part of annual research by GFK NOP for Arriva, which began in 2003, each year Arriva survey some 20,000 passengers across the UK in order to ensure that their customers’ needs and expectations are being met.