Sapphire shines brighter with service improvements



Changes have been made to Chester’s 10/10A Sapphire service to improve reliability and timings.
When the premium Sapphire route launched in March 2015, it was decided to run services to Foregate Street and the railway station.

“We wanted to try and ensure our services went to the railway station but we found out very quickly that we weren’t able to keep to the timetable and our reliability was suffering,” said general manager Keith Anglesea.

From May 10, the 10A service has been running to Foregate Street and the 10 to Chester Bus Exchange with small changes for the timetable.

“It has been a frustrating time. We have had lots of separate incidents, such as roadworks and accidents, which all contributed to the decision to make changes,” added Keith. “We believe these changes will go a long way to alleviate the pressure.

“I would like to say a big thank-you to the drivers for their persistence over the last couple of months to keep things running to the best of their abilities. Your hard work is much appreciated and we should already be seeing some improvements.”

Sapphire has been designed created especially by Arriva to offer customers a more luxurious way to travel, improving their connectivity and comfort along some of the country’s most critical commuter routes.

The fleet offers a host of innovative features which greatly enhance the customer journey. From the free WiFi and charging points for mobile phones and laptops, to the on-board destination screens displaying up-to-date passenger information, these buses keep passengers connected in more ways than one. Sapphire also provides audio and visual announcements as the bus approaches stops along the route, making journey’s easier and more relaxing than ever before. Not only that, but passengers are able to travel in style thanks to luxurious high back coach seats offering enhanced space and comfort.

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