Arriva to Launch New Depot in Rhyl

Arriva to Launch New Depot in Rhyl

THERE are some exciting times ahead for Arriva in Rhyl – with a brand new depot on the horizon.

The project has finally been given the green light so the new depot could be in use by this time next year.

“It’s not often you get a new depot,” said general manager Len Cater. “It is being built on the same site as our current depot and there will be a three or four phase plan to ensure we keep our services running to the best of our ability.”

A new depot has been on the cards for many years. The current building is an old one that used to belong to Rhyl’s Miniature Railway Company.

One issue with the current building is that the entrance is on a corner, which makes it difficult to manoeuvre the buses. It is also right by the wash and fuel pumps which can mean buses queuing up to get into the depot, causing disruption on the road outside.

“Our workshop is starting to show its age with rotting beams and we are quite close to the seaside. When the tide is high, the pits start to fill with water, which we get rid of with an electric pump,” said Len. “An architect came to the depot and said that it would very expensive to fix, so it was decided that it was more economical for the future to knock down and rebuild the depot.”

Lots of work has already been done, including soil testing to determine the best foundations to install and even a bat survey!

“There is a lot of anticipation at the depot from all the staff and lots of excitement. I, for one, am looking forward to my new office.”