Green Line gifts its greatest ever commuter after a fabulous thirty years

Green Line had a surprise for one it’s customers this this week, after they celebrated an impressive 30 years of commuting on-board the Luton to London coach.

Jaqueline Andrews, who works as a legal PA in central London, was surprised on her morning journey on 13th May by the Green Line team who wanted to give her a huge thank you for being one of their most frequent and loyal passengers, presenting her with a special balloon, bouquet of flowers and a bottle of bubby as a token of their appreciation.

“For those who choose to work in London, I cannot recommend the coach enough as a relaxing way of commuting,” explained Jacqueline, who lives in Luton. “You are guaranteed a seat, its cosy enough to have a kip (which is vital when you work a long day), and you can get to watch the world go by too. What I don’t know about the M1 and its traffic patterns is probably not worth knowing!

“This service has been reliably and safely getting me to work all these years, I have made some amazing friends, there is a little commuting family, and when there is snow, flooding, road closures, accidents, come hell or high water they will find a route to get you where you want to go.”

Jacqueline initially opted for the coach as it stopped was outside her very first office on Buckingham Palace Road. She added: “My brother also started work in London at the same time and he opted for the train instead, but it wasn’t for me. It’s twice the price, there’s rarely a seat and working in Central London means you need a long, crowded tube journey too.

“As long as I continue to work in Westminster, I will commute this way. The one thing that gets me out of bed with the dawn chorus is knowing that I can have another sleep again soon on the coach. For the drivers on the commuter rota it must be like driving a great big communal bed.”

Giving her the flexibility she needs to work the hours required within her career, Jacqueline also appreciates that 24/7 nature of the services allows her to enjoy all the social aspects that London has to offer without the worry of getting home.

She concluded: “The drivers that have cheerfully and safely transported me ‘to and fro’ all these years, especially after the parties, of which there have been many, and I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and all chats we have had, even if they were about the fortunes and misfortunes of Luton Town FC. Long may the 757/755 keep serving my home town!”

Linsey Frostick, General Manager for Arriva, which operates the Green Line 757 service, said: “Jacqueline is the perfect passenger, and it continues to be a pleasure having her on-board. We can’t quite believe it’s been 30 years since she first hopped on a Green Line coach, but we know how much she likes a celebration, so it seemed only right we do something to show her our gratitude. We hope she enjoyed her surprise and wish her many more happy years of commuting!”