Stroke Association and Arriva encourage Merseyside to Take a Moment

14 March 16

Arriva joins forces with the Stroke Association

Arriva Merseyside and the Stroke Association have teamed up to get people across the county to Take a Moment and have their blood pressure checked.

High blood pressure is the biggest controllable risk factor for stroke. The Stroke Association’s new Take a Moment campaign will be displayed on 500 Arriva buses encouraging people to order their free blood pressure information packs. The pack includes information about the link between high blood pressure and stroke, tips about how to maintain a healthy blood pressure, and how and where to get your blood pressure checked.

Liverpool stroke survivor, Linda Cheveau, helped launch the campaign with the Arriva team and is encouraging people to support the charity. Linda had two strokes in her early 30’s and features on the new posters. She has been volunteering with the Stroke Association for more than five years supporting other survivors.

Kate Charles, Assistant Regional Manager at the Stroke Association, said: “High blood pressure can affect anyone of any age and has no symptoms. We’re thrilled that Arriva Merseyside is supporting our Take a Moment campaign and hope more passengers do take a moment to get their blood pressure checked. We have got to stop this silent killer. Download your pack today.”

In addition to raising awareness on the buses, the Stroke Association has been working with Arriva to take blood pressure readings of around 350 employees. The campaign has helped raise awareness of stroke risk among the 2,000 strong workforce at seven depots across Merseyside, including the company’s head office in Aintree.

Howard Farrall, Managing Director at Arriva Merseyside, said: “This initiative has already made a real difference to the lives of some Arriva employees. The Take a Moment campaign on the buses will also help make more people aware of the link between blood pressure and stroke, and go a long way in helping to prevent strokes in the county.”

High blood pressure affects 9.2 million people in the UK and a further estimated 6.8 million could be living without a diagnosis. Uncontrolled blood pressure can, over time, lead to stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney damage and eye problems.

The free information pack is available to download from The pack provides information about the link between high blood pressure and stroke, details about where to get a blood pressure check and tips on how to maintain good blood pressure control.

The Stroke Association and Rotary International in Great Britain & Ireland will also be hosting their annual free Know Your Blood Pressure events across the county from March. For more information about stroke, ring the Helpline on 0303 30 33 100 or visit