Fitness First at Arriva Runcorn

 Fitness First at Arriva Runcorn

RUNCORN colleagues who cycle to work received a fitting reward after the depot received accreditation from the Workplace Wellbeing Charter.

In December 2013 Runcorn was rated as ‘excellent’ for its work to improve the health and fitness of employees.

General manager Sue Madigan decided that the award would have more impact if something healthy came from it.

Sue said: “I just felt the accreditation would mean more if we got something that would help people. A recognition or a plaque is excellent, but it doesn’t get people moving.”

She appealed to the local council for funds, which were then spent on a top-of-the-range bike stand with facilities to carry out maintenance and repairs.

The stand was installed at the depot last November at a cost of £1,000 and is now in constant use.

“We have approximately 15 people who cycle to work,” Sue said, “and with the addition of this stand – combined with the Cycle to Work initiative – we hope to increase those numbers.”
Cycle to Work encourages colleagues to use their bikes rather than cars to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In conjunction with Halfords, the scheme offers employees reduced rates on new bikes.