More Merseyside buses to be fitted with Wi-Fi

Merseyside buses WiFi

The great Wi-Fi rollout is continuing apace at Arriva Merseyside. A further 400 buses are being fitted out over the next 12 to 18 months in line with our target of offering the popular on-board service across 95 per cent of the region’s buses.

Project manager Alan Parker said members of his seven-strong team of technicians will be visiting all seven garages in the Merseyside and Runcorn areas.

“The installation is planned over the next 18 months,” said Alan. “The job itself is not overly complicated, though you do have to remove the panels and put the cabling in place, which is what takes the time.”

Alan’s team has fitted many of the 300 vehicles that are currently ‘online’ across the North West.

“Where it has been installed, the Wi-Fi has certainly gone down very favourably with our passengers – we are noticing a lot of people using it,” said Alan.

“Our customers tell us it is a definite contributing factor towards making more journeys by bus. Anything that helps encourage more people to travel on our buses has to be a good thing.”

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