Changes to the Arriva fare structure on Merseyside – a Good News story

Arriva is announcing a new fare structure for Merseyside from 1st May,

One major change is a significant development on the extension of the single ‘flat fare’ which will bring greater consistency and fairness for passengers wherever they live in Merseyside.

As a key member of the recently approved Liverpool City Region (LCR) Bus Alliance, Arriva has made a commitment to straightforward and value for money fares. Almost immediately this results in the introduction of a flat fare rate of £2.20 (£1.10 for young people) in all districts across Merseyside (not including cross-river services- see below), bringing into line what passengers in St Helens, Sefton and Wirral are paying with those across the rest of Merseyside.

This means that passengers who pay per journey on bus could save from 30p to as much as 80 pence per journey. It also means that for £2.20 people could travel a whole bus route from Southport to Liverpool; Liverpool to St Helens and Birkenhead to Heswall.

Other benefits for passengers as a result of Arriva’s fare changes include:-

• St Helens area now being included in the Liverpool Plus ticket area for daily tickets, giving a wider area for travel
• Cost of travel through the Mersey tunnel on a day ticket has been reduced by 70p a day to £4.60 and a cross river single fare has been frozen at £3.30
• Weekly Young Persons Merseyside area ticket will be frozen at £10

One of the Alliance’s key themes over the first 12 months is to work on what can be done to ensure simplicity and value for money fares. Arriva is making a major investment in the Alliance by providing brand new, greener buses with free wi-fi and USB charging points. Other key projects concern the development of one point of contact for bus customer service and the start of a strategic review of the Merseyside network to create a simpler, clearer network. All these aim to drive passenger growth – making improvements for existing passengers while attracting new ones. 

Phil Stone, Regional Managing Director for Arriva North West and Wales commented “Arriva is proud to be playing a key part in the LCR Alliance and I’m pleased that Arriva was quickly able to deliver the extended flat fare as a tangible first step in delivering the Alliance’s aims. The region depends heavily on an effective bus network offering great value for money and this extension will surely bring more commuters and leisure users onto the bus network to help create faster, cleaner journeys for everyone.”



Addional Notes

  • The Bus Alliance was supported by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority at its meeting last week (15th April). The details of the Voluntary Partnership agreement will now be finalised before the agreement is formally entered into.
  • The aim of the Bus Alliance is to encourage more people to travel by bus. It is about creating better bus services for existing and potential new users. Ultimately, growing the number of fare paying passengers drives up investment for all.
  • A formal partnership between Merseytravel, Arriva and Stagecoach, it is redefining the way we ‘do’ bus in the Liverpool City Region. The Alliance is focussed on quality of vehicles and customer service, value for money journeys and straightforward travel from simple fare structures to easy to understand journey planning and a clear, simple bus network.
  • As 80 per cent of public transport journeys in the City Region are made by bus, there is potential for bus to play a much more significant role in growing our economy, better linking people with jobs and opportunities, education and leisure.
  • With its ambitious target of a 10 per cent increase in passenger journeys– more than nine million journeys – by April 2017 (from an April 2014 baseline), the Bus Alliance is a national trailblazer for this type of public/private partnership.