Arriva launches new Recite Me tool to aid bus users

Recite Me tool on arrivabus website

Arriva UK Bus has launched a new tool designed to improve accessibility to its online services for those who find standard formats challenging, such as people with dyslexia, visual impairments or who don’t speak English as a first language.

The Recite Me tool was launched by Arriva in March and breaks down potential barriers by offering a range of new services to web users. Recite Me translates the site into 103 different languages and the tool has a number of varying options on the toolbar to aid the user journey through the website.

Striving to accommodate to the needs and feedback of every customer, the Recite Me tool is easy to use with a simple interface and adheres to Arriva’s commitment to constantly update and improve its technology.

To launch the Recite Me tool, users simply click the ‘accessibility and audio’ tab. Once opened, users can change font or font size, the themes of the web page, the language displayed and enable a full dictionary and thesaurus.

For people with dyslexia and low level visual impairments, the tool provides a back, play and forward option, so the text can be spoken aloud to the user.

Gillian Singh, Marketing and NPD Director at Arriva UK Bus, said: “As a national public transport provider, Recite Me is a fantastic tool that can be used by a broad range of people in varying circumstances. It is simple to use and appearing at the top of the screen, allows users to freely navigate through the website in their desired format. We strive to continuously improve all of our services on customer feedback, and through listening to these comments we’ve worked to install a highly valuable and important tool.”