Fuel-saving technology and changes in driving techniques are helping to cut exhaust emissions across Arriva’s operations.
Driver training and adoption of eco-driving techniques are central to delivering the improvements in fuel consumption that the technology supports.

Dashboard mounted
The technology gives our drivers real-time feedback through a dashboard-mounted LED, which runs from green to amber to red, indicating fuel consumption to help them adjust their driving style.

Tracey and the childrenOptimise consumption
It is supported by a comprehensive training programme to help drivers adopt a progressive driving style. They learn how to optimise fuel consumption through better traffic anticipation, braking and acceleration techniques.

In addition to providing fuel savings and reducing emissions, it promotes smoother driving for our customers and helps provide more comfortable and safer journeys.

We have also introduced an environmental policy, investing some £1.4 million in making 65 of our UK bus depots more energy efficient. Implementation of energy efficient lighting and improved utility meters, which help monitor and identify abnormal increases, and deliver improvements to depot heating and air compression systems, will help to save some 7.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.