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The Arriva Employer Travel Club (ETC) allows workers to benefit from cheaper travel to and from work. The ETC and Corporate Annual Saver Schemes enable businesses to offer their staff discounted travel across the region in which they are situated, through either a salary sacrifice scheme or by direct debit.

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Case Study 1: Cobalt Business Park

Cobalt Business Park, near Newcastle upon Tyne, launched an Arriva ETC scheme in 2013, by hosting an event aimed at encouraging staff to consider adopting a sustainable travel plan to get to work.

Cobalt is home to a number of major corporate companies including Santander, Proctor and Gamble, Orange, G4S and Newcastle Building Society, the office park has received high praise for developing sustainable travel options for its 12,000 staff and is known as a pioneer in this field. 

With a comprehensive package of sustainable measures for its 12,000+ staff to commute to work, Cobalt is now seeing a substantial increase in staff seeking advice on alternatives to driving to work on their own.

Cobalt’s infrastructure supports the wider bus network and as a result of the scheme’s launch, drivers are now looking more closely at how they make their daily journeys.  

RBS logoCase Study 2: Royal Bank of Scotland

Arriva’s UK bus division partnered with The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS), to offer its employees ‘Local Bus Travel’ annual tickets for use on Arriva buses between 2007 and 2010.

The scheme was provided through the RBS flexible benefits programme, and gave RBS employees the opportunity to pay for annual Arriva bus tickets at gross pay level prior to tax and National Insurance deductions with the cost deducted from their monthly salary.

As well as being a more environmentally friendly way to get to work, the tax free bus scheme allowed RBS employees to make considerable savings on their annual travel costs. The tickets were valid on most local bus services run by Arriva outside London (excluding any TfL services in the London area, Green Line coaches to and from London, sightseeing buses, park and ride services or tours and excursions throughout the UK).

The scheme ceased when HMRC changed the rules and regulations regarding its operation, so that the Tax-Free Bus Travel Benefit could no longer be offered.