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Changes to services in Halton and South Liverpool

Start Date: 02/09/2018

Location: Halton and South Liverpool

From Sunday 2nd September changes will be made to services in Halton and South Liverpool.

Changes to services in Halton and South Liverpool from Sunday 2nd September 2018

Arriva is making significant changes to our network of services in the Runcorn and Widnes areas from the 2 September. We are also making changes to the way our services operate between Runcorn, Widnes and Liverpool.

  • More frequent buses on route 79C between Widnes and Liverpool
  • More frequent buses and new evening service on route 110 between Widnes and Warrington
  • Better coordination of buses between Murdishaw, Halton Lea, Runcorn High Street and Widnes Green Oaks, with services combining to serve Widnes every 7 to 8 minutes.
  • New links from the Halton area to Liverpool South Parkway


Services 3A/3B/3C, 17 and X30 are not affected by these changes.  However, service X30 in Warrington will move to stand 9.


Service 1
Service 2
Runcorn Busway Circular

These services will be revised to operate every 12 minutes each way around the loop, Mon-Sat daytimes.


Services 79 and 79D, Halewood and Netherley to Liverpool via Belle Vale

Service 79C, Widnes to Liverpool via Belle Vale

Service 79C will be revised to operate between Widnes and Liverpool and co-ordinate with service 79 and 79D to operate as follows:

  • Netherley to Liverpool (up to every 5 minutes)
  • Halewood to Liverpool (up to every 10 minutes)
  • Widnes to Liverpool (up to every 20 minutes)

In the evenings and on Sundays, buses will operate every 30 minutes Halewood to Liverpool and every 30 minutes Widnes to Liverpool, providing a combined frequency of every 15 minutes from Netherley to Liverpool.

This will provide a more frequent service from Widnes to Liverpool. Customers wishing to travel through Widnes can change buses at Widnes Green Oaks from the 79C to revised services 110 or 500, running frequently from Widnes into Runcorn. Many areas will have alternative links to Liverpool on either the X1 or the newly extended service 500.


Service 82A, Halton Hospital to Liverpool via Runcorn, Widnes, John Lennon Airport

This service will be replaced by the newly extended service 500 operating from Murdishaw to Liverpool.  The revised service X1 will replace journeys in the Moughland Lane / Clifton Road area.


Service 110, Murdishaw to Warrington via Castlefields, Runcorn High Street, Widnes and Penketh

This service is now improved to operate every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes. In the evenings, buses will operate hourly from Windmill Hill to Warrington, providing a new evening service for the first time in many years.  All Sunday journeys will continue to run between Windmill Hill and Warrington all day.

Between Murdishaw, Halton Lea, Runcorn High Street and Widnes, buses will combine to operate every 7 or 8 minutes with the newly extended service 500.  We will continue to provide buses to/from Whitehouse industrial estate at Monday to Friday peak times on service 110 and 500.


Service 500, Murdishaw to Liverpool via Halton Hospital, Runcorn High Street, Widnes, Halebank, John Lennon Airport, Liverpool South Parkway and Aigburth

This service will be extended from John Lennon Airport through to Murdishaw, replacing parts of the withdrawn 82A and revised 79C routes.

Buses will operate as follows:

  • Murdishaw to Liverpool: every 30 mins, daily
  • Murdishaw to Widnes: every 15 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytimes (when combined with Murdishaw to Liverpool journeys)


New service 500 will run over the existing route between Liverpool One Bus Station and Liverpool John Lennon Airport calling at all stops and serving Brunswick train station.  Then via the existing 82A route from John Lennon Airport to Runcorn High Street bus station, then via the existing 79C route between the High Street and Murdishaw.  Opening up new links to Liverpool South Parkway from many areas of Runcorn.


Service X1, Windmill Hill to Liverpool express via Murdishaw and Runcorn

This service will have a revised route timetable but will continue to operate every 30 minutes.

In Runcorn, the service will operate via Clifton Road and Moughland Lane (replacing 82A route, no longer via Astmoor) between Halton Lea Bus Station and Runcorn High Street Bus Station.

Some early morning and evening journeys will also start or finish at Castlefields. Throughout the day customers in Castlefields wishing to travel to Liverpool can catch a 1, 2 or 110 to Halton Lea and change to either the X1 or 500.


We will now sell and accept the ‘Halton zone’ tickets on the X1.  The premium single fares will be reduced and brought in line with our standard fares.


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Services affected

79, 79, 79D

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