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Bolton to Bury

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Route Map

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Bury Interchange19:3520:4722:0223:17
Bury East Lancs Railway19:3520:4722:0223:17
Elton Bury Bridge19:3720:4922:0423:19
Woodhill New George St19:3820:5022:0523:20
Woodhill Redford St19:3820:5022:0523:20
Woodhill St James' Church19:3920:5122:0623:21
Woolfold Chiltern Dr19:3920:5122:0623:21
Walshaw Owlerbarrow Rd19:4020:5222:0723:22
Walshaw War Memorial19:4120:5322:0823:23
Walshaw Christ Church19:4120:5322:0823:23
Starling Business Park19:4220:5422:0923:24
Starling Ashington Dr19:4320:5522:1023:25
Starling Rose & Crown19:4420:5622:1123:26
Starling Cockey Moor Rd19:4420:5622:1123:26
Ainsworth Sumner Ave19:4520:5722:1223:27
Ainsworth Harley Ave19:4620:5822:1323:28
Ainsworth Old White Horse19:4720:5922:1423:29
Ainsworth Hall Rd19:4821:0022:1523:30
Ainsworth Arthur Ln19:4821:0022:1523:30
Ainsworth Cherry Tree Cottages19:5021:0222:1723:32
Ainsworth Red Bridge19:5121:0322:1823:33
Withins Foster Lane19:5221:0422:1923:34
Withins Winster Drive19:5321:0522:2023:35
Withins Deepdale Road19:5421:0622:2123:36
Withins Shops19:5421:0622:2123:36
Withins School19:5421:0622:2123:36
Withins Reformed Church19:5521:0722:2223:37
Withins Dorchester Avenue19:5621:0822:2323:38
Roscow Fold Dorchester Avenue19:5621:0822:2323:38
Roscow Fold Withins Grove19:5721:0922:2423:39
Roscow Fold Bury Road19:5821:1022:2523:40
Roscow Fold Oakenbottom Rd19:5921:1122:2623:41
Roscow Fold The Black Horse20:0021:1222:2723:42
Tonge Fold Post Office20:0021:1222:2723:42
Tonge Fold Ainsworth Lane20:0121:1322:2823:43
Tonge Fold Cemetery Road20:0121:1322:2823:43
Mill Hill Radcliffe Rd20:0221:1422:2923:44
Mill Hill Bromwich St20:0321:1522:3023:45
Bolton Manchester Rd20:0321:1522:3023:45
Bolton Shiffnall Street20:0421:1622:3123:46
Bolton Interchange20:0621:1822:3323:48

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