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Arriva in the North West

St Helens to Rainford Station

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Route Map

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St Helens Bus Station05:5506:55Then
St Helens Baldwin Street05:5606:565616:5617:56
St Helens Rigby Street05:5706:575716:5717:57
Dentons Green Spray Street05:5806:585816:5817:58
Cowley Hill Harris Street05:5906:595916:5917:59
Cowley Hill Ruskin Drive06:0007:000017:0018:00
Cowley Hill Swinburne Road06:0107:010117:0118:01
Cowley Hill Fairfield Road06:0207:020217:0218:02
Cowley Hill Beaconsfield Road06:0207:020217:0218:02
Eccleston Kiln Close06:0307:030317:0318:03
Bleak Hill Brow Millbrook Lane06:0407:040417:0418:04
Windle Calderhurst Drive06:0507:050517:0518:05
Windle Crantock Grove06:0607:060617:0618:06
Windle East Lancashire Road06:0707:070717:0718:07
Hill Top Longwood Close06:1007:101017:1018:10
Hill Top St Helens Road06:1107:111117:1118:11
Rainford By-pass06:1307:131317:1318:13
Rainford Wellfield 06:1407:141417:1418:14
Rainford Thickwood Moss Lane06:1507:151517:1518:15
Rainford Whalley Avenue06:1607:161617:1618:16
Rainford The Avenue06:1707:171717:1718:17
Rainford Alfred Street06:1707:171717:1718:17
Rainford Moss Brow06:1707:171717:1718:17
Muncaster Helen Bank Drive06:1807:181817:1818:18
Muncaster Hydes Brow06:1907:191917:1918:19
Hydes Brow Old Lane06:1907:191917:1918:19
Hydes Brow News Lane06:1907:191917:1918:19
Hydes Brow Henderson Drive06:1907:191917:1918:19
Rainford Maggots Nook Road06:2007:202017:2018:20
Rainford Junction Rainford Station06:2207:222217:2218:22
Rainford Junction Bushey Lane06:2207:222217:2218:22
Rainford Junction Springfield06:2307:232317:2318:23
Park Hill Red Delph Lane06:2307:232317:2318:23
Park Hill Ormskirk Road06:2407:242417:2418:24
Park Hill Bushey Lane06:2507:252517:2518:25
Park Hill Red Delph Lane06:2507:252517:2518:25
Rainford Junction Dairy Farm Road06:2707:272717:2718:27
Rainford Eden Avenue06:2707:272717:2718:27
Rainford Old Lane06:2807:282817:2818:28
Rainford Cross Pit Lane06:2907:292917:2918:29
Rainford Leyland Road06:2907:292917:2918:29
Rainford Southerns Lane06:3007:303017:3018:30
Rainford Hopgood Crescent06:3107:313117:3118:31
Rainford By-pass06:3307:333317:3318:33
Hill Top Mill Lane06:3507:353517:3518:35
Hill Top Longwood Close06:3707:373717:3718:37
Windle Rainford Road06:3907:393917:3918:39
Windle Stuart Road06:4007:404017:4018:40
Windle Hamilton Road06:4007:404017:4018:40
Eccleston Brookside Avenue06:4107:414117:4118:41
Bleak Hill Brow Bleak Hill Road06:4107:414117:4118:41
Eccleston Brookside Avenue06:4207:424217:4218:42
Cowley Hill Coronation Road06:4207:424217:4218:42
Cowley Hill Hartington Road06:4307:434317:4318:43
Cowley Hill Rosebery Road 06:4307:434317:4318:43
Cowley Hill Hammill Street06:4407:444417:4418:44
Cowley Hill Tennis Street06:4507:454517:4518:45
Cowley Hill Dentons Green Lane06:4507:454517:4518:45
Dentons Green Canterbury Street06:4607:464617:4618:46
St Helens Cowley Hill Lane06:4607:464617:4618:46
St Helens Mill Street06:4707:474717:4718:47
St Helens Baldwin Street06:4807:484817:4818:48
St Helens Claughton Street06:4807:484817:4818:48
St Helens Bus Station06:5007:505017:5018:50

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