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Arriva in the North West

Sutton Manor to Sutton Heath

via St Helens

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Service Overview

This service is part of Merseyside's Quality Bus Network, the timetable below is for Arriva journeys only. For full details of the Quality Bus Network including timetable showing journeys operated by Arriva and Halton Transport on service 17 CLICK HERE

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Service Details

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Route Map

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St Helens Bickerstaffe Street05:3505:50Then
St Helens Baldwin Street05:3605:510621365117:3617:5118:0618:2118:36
St Helens Exchange Street05:3705:520722375217:3717:5218:0718:2218:37
Green Bank Linkway West05:3905:540924395417:3917:5418:0918:2418:39
Green Bank The Shires 05:4105:561126415617:4117:5618:1118:2618:41
Ravenhead Prescot Road05:4205:571227425717:4217:5718:1218:2718:42
West Park Dunriding Lane05:4305:581328435817:4317:5818:1318:2818:43
West Park Roby Street05:4506:001530450017:4518:0018:1518:3018:45
Thatto Heath Whittle Street05:4606:011631460117:4618:0118:1618:3118:46
Thatto Heath Lacey Street05:4706:021732470217:4718:0218:1718:3218:47
Thatto Heath Elephant Lane05:4806:031833480317:4818:0318:1818:3318:48
Brown Edge Balmer Street05:4906:041934490417:4918:0418:1918:3418:49
Brown Edge Dorothy Street05:5006:052035500517:5018:0518:2018:3518:50
Sutton Heath Elephant Lane05:5006:052035500517:5018:0518:2018:3518:50
Sutton Heath Perth Avenue05:5106:062136510617:5118:0618:2118:3618:51
Sutton Heath Freemantle Avenue05:5206:072237520717:5218:0718:2218:3718:52
Sutton Heath Coral Avenue05:5306:082338530817:5318:0818:2318:3818:53

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