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Arriva in the North West

St Helens to Warrington

via Winwick

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Route Map

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St Helens Bus Station06:2007:2008:20Then
St Helens Central Station06:2007:2008:202016:2017:20
Pocket Nook Phoenix Brow06:2007:2008:202016:2017:20
Finger Post Traverse Street06:2107:2108:212116:2117:21
Finger Post Parr Stocks Road06:2207:2208:222216:2217:22
Parr Stocks Ramford Street06:2307:2308:232316:2317:23
Parr Stocks Tickle Avenue06:2307:2308:232316:2317:23
Broad Oak Hargreaves Street06:2407:2408:242416:2417:24
Broad Oak Moorfoot Road06:2507:2508:252516:2517:25
Derbyshire Hill Provident Street06:2607:2608:262616:2617:26
Derbyshire Hill Swan Avenue06:2707:2708:272716:2717:27
Derbyshire Hill Rudd Avenue06:2807:2808:282816:2817:28
Derbyshire Hill Waring Avenue06:2807:2808:282816:2817:28
Collins Green Broad Lane Corner06:3107:3108:313116:3117:31
Collins Green Bold Lane06:3107:3108:313116:3117:31
Burtonwood Green Lane06:3307:3308:333316:3317:33
Burtonwood Bridge Inn06:3407:3408:343416:3417:34
Burtonwood Chapel House06:3507:3508:353516:3517:35
Burtonwood Perrins Road06:3507:3508:353516:3517:35
Burtonwood Cambourne Road06:3607:3608:363616:3617:36
Burtonwood Fir Tree Lane06:3607:3608:363616:3617:36
Burtonwood Coopers Farm06:3807:3808:383816:3817:38
Burtonwood Fiddle in Bag06:3907:3908:393916:3917:39
Winwick Alder Root Lane06:4007:4008:404016:4017:40
Winwick Hollins Park Hospital06:4107:4108:414116:4117:41
Winwick Park06:4207:4208:424216:4217:42
Winwick St Oswald Church06:4307:4308:434316:4317:43
Winwick B&Q06:4507:4508:454516:4517:45
Hulme Mill Lane06:4607:4608:464616:4617:46
Hulme Fordton Leisure06:4707:4708:474716:4717:47
Hulme Sandy Lane West06:4807:4808:484816:4817:48
Longford Winwick Road College06:5007:5008:505016:5017:50
Longford Alder Lane06:5107:5108:515116:5117:51
Longford Ireland Street06:5207:5208:525216:5217:52
Bewsey Owen Street06:5307:5308:535316:5317:53
Bewsey Tesco06:5307:5308:535316:5317:53
Warrington Central Station06:5507:5508:555516:5517:55
Warrington Bus Interchange06:5607:5608:565616:5617:56

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