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Arriva in the North West

Sutton Manor to Chain Lane

via St Helens

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Route Map

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Sutton Manor Shakespeare Road06:0407:04Then
Sutton Manor Forest Road06:0407:040416:0417:04
Sutton Manor Tressel Drive06:0507:050516:0517:05
Clock Face Chester Lane06:0607:060616:0617:06
Sutton Manor Jubits Lane06:0707:070716:0717:07
Clock Face Cannon Street06:0707:070716:0717:07
Clock Face Pendlebury Street06:0807:080816:0817:08
Clock Face Gartons Lane06:0907:090916:0917:09
Clock Face Rye Close06:0907:090916:0917:09
Clock Face Bentley Street06:1007:101016:1017:10
Clock Face Fallow Close06:1107:111116:1117:11
Clock Face Burnage Avenue06:1107:111116:1117:11
Clock Face Four Acre Lane06:1207:121216:1217:12
Marshalls Cross Mill Lane06:1307:131316:1317:13
Lea Green Station06:1307:131316:1317:13
Sutton Eaves Lane06:1507:151516:1517:15
Sutton Robins Lane06:1707:171716:1717:17
Sutton St Helens Hospital06:1807:181816:1817:18
Peasley Cross Emmett Street06:1907:191916:1917:19
Peasley Cross Hunter Street06:2007:202016:2017:20
Peasley Cross St Helens Retail Park06:2107:212116:2117:21
Finger Post Phoenix Brow06:2207:222216:2217:22
St Helens Central Station06:2307:232316:2317:23
St Helens Bus Station06:2907:292916:2917:29
St Helens Claughton Street06:3007:303016:3017:30
St Helens Baldwin Street06:3007:303016:3017:30
St Helens Ward Street06:3107:313116:3117:31
St Helens Crab Street06:3207:323216:3217:32
Gerards Bridge Hill Street06:3307:333316:3317:33
Haresfinch Kingfisher Drive06:3507:353516:3517:35
Haresfinch Islands Brow06:3607:363616:3617:36
Haresfinch Derwent Road06:3707:373716:3717:37
Haresfinch Woodlands Road06:3807:383816:3817:38
Laffak Laburnum Avenue06:3907:393916:3917:39
Laffak Woodlands Road06:4007:404016:4017:40
Laffak Chain Lane06:4007:404016:4017:40
Laffak Enderby Avenue06:4207:424216:4217:42
Laffak Hinckley Road06:4207:424216:4217:42
Laffak Bramcote Avenue06:4307:434316:4317:43
Laffak Meriden Close06:4407:444416:4417:44
Laffak Old Nook Lane06:4507:454516:4517:45
Laffak Coalville Road06:4807:484816:4817:48

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