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Arriva in the North West

Speke to Royal Liverpool Hospital

via Liverpool South Parkway and Penny Lane

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Speke Morrisons13:0014:4018:15
Speke All Hallows Drive13:0014:4018:15
Speke East Mill Wood Road13:0114:4118:16
Speke Alder Wood Avenue13:0214:4218:17
Speke Heath Gate Avenue13:0214:4218:17
Speke Eastern Avenue13:0214:4218:18
Speke Oldbridge Road13:0314:4318:18
Speke Little Heath Road13:0314:4318:19
Speke Parade Crescent13:0414:4418:19
Speke Harefield Road13:0414:4418:20
Speke Lovel Road13:0514:4518:21
Speke Tewit Hall Road13:0614:4618:22
Speke Blackrod Avenue13:0614:4618:22
Speke Bray Road13:0714:4718:23
Speke Western Avenue13:0814:4818:24
Speke Woodend Lane13:0814:4818:24
Speke Longman Drive13:0814:4818:24
Speke Hall Avenue13:0914:4918:25
Speke Estuary Boulevard13:1114:5118:26
Speke New Mersey Shopping Park13:1114:5118:26
Speke Banks Road13:1114:5118:27
Garston Skyhawk Avenue13:1214:5218:27
Garston Banks Lane13:1314:5318:28
Garston Aston Street13:1414:5418:29
Garston Harbour Drive13:1414:5418:29
Garston St Marys Road13:1514:5518:30
Garston Sidwell Street13:1614:5618:31
Garston Shrewsbury Road13:1614:5618:31
Garston Island Road13:1714:5718:32
Garston Liverpool South Parkway13:1914:5918:34
Garston Liverpool South Parkway13:1914:5918:34
Garston Cardwell Road13:2015:0018:35
Garston Dinesan Road13:2015:0018:35
Aigburth Whitehedge Road13:2115:0118:36
Aigburth Ravenstone Road13:2215:0218:37
Mossley Hill West Allerton Station13:2415:0418:39
Mossley Hill Brynmor Road13:2415:0418:39
Mossley Hill Cooper Avenue North13:2515:0518:40
Mossley Hill Station13:2715:0718:42
Mossley Hill Ribbledale Road13:2815:0818:43
Mossley Hill Rose Lane13:2915:0918:43
Mossley Hill Gorsedale Road13:3015:1018:44
Mossley Hill Elm Hall Drive13:3115:1118:45
Mossley Hill Devondale Road13:3315:1318:47
Mossley Hill Calton Avenue13:3315:1318:47
Mossley Hill Crawford Avenue13:3415:1418:48
Mossley Hill Greenbank Road13:3515:1518:49
Sefton Park Hawarden Avenue13:3615:1618:50
Wavertree Arundel Avenue13:3715:1718:50
Sefton Park Wellington Avenue13:3715:1718:51
Sefton Park Granville Road13:3915:1918:52
Sefton Park Garrick Street13:4015:2018:52
Sefton Park Magdala Street13:4115:2118:54
Toxteth Lorton Street13:4215:2218:54
Toxteth Kingsley Road13:4315:2318:56
Toxteth Mulgrave Street13:4415:2418:56
Liverpool Lowther Street13:4515:2518:57
Liverpool Myrtle Street13:4615:2618:58
Liverpool Cambridge Street13:4715:2718:58
Liverpool Smithdown Lane13:4915:2918:59
Liverpool Low Hill13:5215:3219:02
Liverpool Epworth Street13:5415:3419:03

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