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Halewood to Kirkby

via Belle Vale, Huyton and Page Moss

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Halewood Hollies Road--06:2907:29
Halewood Church Road--06:2907:29
Halewood Leathers Lane--06:3007:30
Halewood Hornbeam Road--06:3007:30
Halewood Barncroft Road--06:3107:31
Halewood Leathers Lane--06:3207:32
Halewood Roseheath Drive--06:3407:34
Halewood Leathers Lane--06:3407:34
Halewood Mansell Drive--06:3507:35
Halewood Torrington Avenue--06:3607:36
Halewood Blackburne Drive--06:3707:37
Halewood Mackets Lane--06:3907:39
Woolton Roskell Road--06:3907:39
Woolton Camberley Drive--06:4007:40
Woolton Linkside Road--06:4107:41
Woolton Halewood Drive--06:4107:41
Woolton Out Lane--06:4207:42
Gateacre Hollytree Road--06:4307:43
Gateacre Grange Lane--06:4307:43
Belle Vale Belle Vue Road--06:4407:44
Belle Vale Jones Farm Road--06:4407:44
Belle Vale Bus Station06:1206:4607:46
Belle Vale Shrewton Road06:1306:4707:47
Belle Vale Runton Road06:1406:4807:48
Belle Vale St Cyrils Close06:1606:5007:50
Belle Vale Southbrook Road06:1706:5107:51
Belle Vale Silverbrook Road06:1706:5107:51
Huyton Childwall Golf Club06:1906:5307:53
Huyton The Chase06:2106:5507:55
Huyton Park Manor Farm Road06:2206:5607:56
Huyton Park St Annes Road06:2206:5607:56
Huyton Park St Marys Road06:2306:5707:57
Huyton Bus Station06:2506:5907:59
Knowsley Huyton Road06:2607:00--
Knowsley Lyndhurst Way06:2707:01--
Roby Kingsway06:2807:02--
Knowsley Rupert Road06:2807:02--
Knowsley Crown Way06:2907:03--
Knowsley Gentwood Road06:2907:03--
Woolfall Heath Lincombe Road06:3007:04--
Woolfall Heath Page Moss Terminus06:3207:06--
Fincham St David's Road06:3207:06--
Fincham Melbury Road06:3307:07--
Stockbridge Village Stockbride Lane 06:3307:07--
Stockbridge Village St Andrews Drive06:3407:08--
Knowsley Park M57 Junction 306:3507:09--
Knowsley Park Knowlsey Road Farm06:3607:10--
Knowsley Park Croxteth Lane06:3607:10--
Knowsley Park Shannons Lane06:3707:11--
Knowsley Park Home Farm Lane06:3807:12--
Knowsley Sugar Lane06:3807:12--
Knowsley Shop Road06:3907:13--
Knowsley Village06:4007:14--
Knowsley Caddick Road06:4107:15--
Knowsley Gellings Road06:4207:16--
Southdene Old Farm Road06:4507:19--
Southdene Bewley Drive06:4607:20--
Southdene Britonside Avenue06:4607:20--
Southdene Lindby Close06:4707:21--
Southdene Broad Lane06:4807:22--
Northwood Madryn Avenue06:4907:23--
Northwood Simonswood Walk06:5007:24--
Northwood Colwall Walk06:5007:24--
Northwood Clorain Road06:5107:25--
Northwood Bigdale Drive06:5207:26--
Northwood Briery Hey Avenue06:5307:27--
Kirkby County Road06:5407:28--
Kirkby Old Hall Lane06:5407:28--
Kirkby Civic Centre06:5607:30--
Westvale James Holt Avenue06:5707:31--
Westvale Poplar Lane06:5707:31--
Westvale Whitefield Drive06:5807:32--
Westvale Kirkby Station06:5907:33--