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Travelling around Wigan

Travelling around Wigan

The historic town of Wigan is situated on the banks of the River Douglas, in the heart of Greater Manchester. With three national parks just a stone’s throw from the centre, countless listed buildings and beautiful Gothic-style architecture, this old mill town has much to offer. There’s the famous Wigan Pier, immortalised in the works of George Orwell, and the Leeds Liverpool canal – a magnificent example of 18th-century engineering, and the longest of its kind in the country.   

Wigan has excellent road and rail links, with Manchester and Liverpool both close by. Arriva bus services operate in the area, providing routes in and around the town centre, as well as outlying areas, including Bolton and Chorley.

Wigan Hills

Wigan has a vibrant history dating back to Celtic times, when it was home to the Brigante tribe. The town was occupied by the Romans in the early part of the first century, and the remains of Roman roads and a local bathhouse were unearthed in the 1900s. During the medieval period, Wigan was seen as a Spa Town, but the Industrial Revolution changed everything, bringing coal mining, canals, railways and mills. At the peak of the Industrial Revolution, there were over 10,000 mines within a five-mile radius of the town centre. Today, the mines have been replaced by parkland, the old mills have become museums and the disused railway lines transformed into pleasant country lanes.