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Travelling around Skelmersdale

Travelling around Skelmersdale

Hidden within wooded valleys and open green spaces is the urban township of Skelmersdale, known locally as Skem. Situated on high ground on the River Tawd, Skelmersdale is six miles from Wigan and 13 miles from Liverpool.

Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, the heart of Skelmersdale is the Concourse Shopping Centre (affectionately known as the Connie). The Connie has plenty to offer visitors with pubs and family-friendly eateries galore. The picturesque Tawd Valley Park, meanwhile, has the surprising addition of a transcendental meditation community, originally founded by the Maharishi who was famous for introducing the Beatles to meditation.

Skelmersdale doesn’t have a train station but, thankfully, Arriva buses more than pick up the slack. Getting around Skelmersdale couldn't be easier as Arriva services will take you to and from Wigan, Liverpool and Southport.

Train from industrial revolution

From a minuscule North-West community, Skelmersdale expanded rapidly in the 1800s with the railway station and the advent of the Industrial Revolution. It became an important mining town around this time with 14 collieries and a growing population of miners coming from Wales. Most of the mines were closed in the 1920s and 30s, but some of its numerous brickworks are still in operation today. Skelmersdale became a New Town in 1961 and there are currently proposals to ease the congestion to Merseyside by developing the town centre.