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Travelling around Formby

Travelling around Formby

Situated in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, Merseyside – right on the coastline of the Irish Sea and just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool – the idyllic seaside town of Formby is popular with tourists and commuters alike.

Formby has a thriving tourism industry and the town attracts visitors from the whole of the UK. It’s also an especially popular destination for day-trippers from nearby towns and cities on hot and sunny summer days.

Formby has excellent road and rail links, and Arriva buses operate in the area, providing services to and from Liverpool, as well as Southport, Crosby and Bootle.

Formby beach at sunset

A day out in Formby wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the beach, which is exceptionally clean and there are breathtaking coastal views to enjoy. Take a stroll. Walk the dog. Go for a jog. Fly a kite. Enjoy a picnic. Build sandcastles with the kids. Or explore the sand dunes. The choice is yours. 

Venture a little further and you’ll find Formby’s beautiful pine forest – home of the red squirrel. So, follow the red squirrel walk and see how many you can spot.

For a glimpse into the town’s history, try Formby Point. Coastal erosion of the sand has exposed the preserved footprints of our ancestors – some of which are believed to be around 7,000 years old. Archaeologists studying the footprints have been able to establish all kinds of details about the people who made them, including how tall they were and what they were doing on the beach.

When it’s time to eat, you’ll find there are several restaurants and cafés to choose from, including traditional seaside chippies, such as Formby’s award-winning fish and chip shop, The Good Catch. In the evening, be sure to relax and watch the sun go down before heading to the local wine bar for some live entertainment.