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Travelling around Formby

Travelling around Formby

Situated in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, Merseyside – right on the coastline of the Irish Sea and just a stone’s throw away from Liverpool – the idyllic seaside town of Formby is popular with tourists and commuters alike.

Formby has a thriving tourism industry and the town attracts visitors from the whole of the UK. It’s also an especially popular destination for day-trippers from nearby towns and cities on hot and sunny summer days.

Formby has excellent road and rail links, and Arriva buses operate in the area, providing services to and from Liverpool, as well as Southport, Crosby and Bootle.

Formby beach tourists

The discovery of ancient footprints at Formby Point takes the village’s history right back to prehistoric times, when our hunter-gatherer ancestors were foraging for food, such as shrimps, clams and winkles. Fast-forward a few thousand years to the 1700s and Formby Beach made history by becoming home to the UK’s first ever lifeboat station. In recent times, Formby has grown from a tiny rural village into a bustling community, thanks largely to its popularity with both commuters and tourists.