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Travelling around Birkenhead

Travelling around Birkenhead

Birkenhead is often assumed to be part of Liverpool but it is, in fact, a town in its own right. It is located in the Borough of Wirral, on the banks of the River Mersey.

It’s easily reached by rail from the main Liverpool train stations and by road via either the Mersey tunnel or the M53 from Chester. Arriva bus routes run around Birkenhead and across the Wirral, and also provide links to local destinations, such as New Ferry and West Kirby. There’s also a frequent service through the tunnel to and from Liverpool.

One of Birkenhead’s main claims to fame is the presence of the world’s first public park, which is home to several listed buildings and two lakes. It is even thought to have been a major influence on the design of New York’s Central Park.  

Birdseye view of Birkenhead

The rich history of Birkenhead dates back to the establishment of the ferry to Liverpool in 1150. The physical barrier of the river meant that Birkenhead remained largely agricultural when Liverpool expanded during the Industrial Revolution. This helps to account for the fact that some of the laidback and tranquil nature of Birkenhead survives to this day. Shipbuilding in the area began in 1829 and with it a leap forward in development. Modern amenities, such as street lighting and paving, were introduced in 1833 and the transformation of Birkenhead into an industrial centre was completed by the opening of the Queensway Road Tunnel in 1934.