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Arriva in the North West

Response to concerns about the changes to Service 61

29 August 19

In response to concerns about the changes to the 61 Service, an Arriva spokesperson said:

"We appreciate fully and understand the concerns expressed by Cllr Gary Millar and our customers in the Old Swan area, relating to the 61 service.

Due to traffic congestion at both ends of Broadgreen Road - which is outside of Arriva’s control, it has become clear that the 61 service is suffering with reliability issues during peak hours, this needed to be addressed for the majority of customers who use this service.

Therefore Arriva have taken the difficult decision to remove service 61 from Broadgreen Road at these times. Broadgreen Road will still be served in off peak hours, evening and weekends when traffic congestion is less.

The 61 service runs from Bootle New Strand to Aigburth Vale. Arriva’s priority is to provide reliable and efficient transport for the majority of people using a given service. We will continue to monitor reliability of this service and continue to look for ways to improve all of our services."