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Arriva in the North West

Changes to North Liverpool Bus Services

11 January 15



Every 30 minutes 7 days a week!

including evenings from Bootle Strand to Fazakerley, via Crosby, Thornton, Netherton, Aintree and Walton Vale.

This new service will replace withdrawn sections of 62 and 53A services (details below) and will provide new links to Fazakerley Hospital. Evening journeys will operate via Brownmoor Lane in Crosby.

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Other service changes


Service 53A
Revised to operate between Liverpool and Crosby only and re-numbered 53. The section of route between Crosby, Netherton and Aintree will be replaced by new service 63.

Service 54
Revised in the city centre to finish at Lord Street and start from Victoria Street.  Additional journeys introduced on Sunday morings.

Service 62, 62A
Revised to operate between Penny Lane and Bootle (North Park) only, operating in Tuebrook via Mill Bank (not Muirhead Ave) all journeys numbered 62. The section of route between Bootle and Crosby will be replaced by new service 63.

Minor changes to times will also be made to services 55, 58, 310, 311 and 345.

Download the new North Liverpool Network Map