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Arriva in the North West

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Save big time with monthly tickets by direct debit

A great travel deal for staff at Argos in the North West

Arriva and Argos have joined together to offer savings on local Arriva bus travel.


  • Pay even less for travel each week by purchasing a yearly ticket but pay for it monthly with a direct debit
  • Free child travel (for up to 2 children) at tweekends and on public holidays when travelling with an Employer Travel Club season ticket holder


  1. Choose the zone you need and see just how much you'll save
  2. Sign up to buy an annual ticket by direct debit
  3. Download the free Arriva m-ticket app if you don't already have it
  4. Receive your ticket every month
  5. Hop on board, sit back and enjoy the ride!


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Direct debit mandate Sign up for direct debit 
Unsure which zone you need? Check ticket zone maps


Tickets and savings

Ticket zone ETC monthly price Normal 4-Weekly Saver price Look how much you save each month Equivalent price per day*
All Area (North West and Wales) £52.50 £63.00 £10.50 £1.74
Crewe Zone £35.00 £42.00 £7.00 £1.16
Greater Manchester Zone £43.75 £56.00 £9.53 £1.55
Merseyside Plus Zone £45.42 £54.50 £9.08 £1.51

 * Equivalent price per day is annual ETC price spread over 362 operating days