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Arriva in the North West

Arriva Connect smartcards in the North West

Get great value travel on Arriva buses with one of the Arriva Connect smart tickets. These are available for the North West and Wales area, plus the Blacon zone and Chester Plus zone served by Arriva Buses Wales services.

Our Student Saver and Scholar Saver range of tickets are also available as Arriva Connect smartcards in the North West zone.

The smart card means there is no need for paper tickets, no need to make sure you have the right change and, if you lose it, we can replace it with any existing products you have on the card.

How it works

To get your Connect Smartcard register in 'My Arriva' and purchase your first Arriva North West Smart product. Your Connect card will be delivered with your first purchase within 5 working days.

Flexi Day tickets

The Flexi Day gives you a bundle of days that can be used at any time within 3 months. Just tap your card onto the bus ticket machine and the day will be activated on the card and be valid until 2am the following day. Each time you activate a day pass the number left stored on your Connect card will go down by one.

Week tickets

These are sold in singles but work in the same way as the Flexi Day. The pass isn't activated until you tap it onto the bus, then it is valid for that day and the following consecutive 6 days.

Top- ups

Once you've received your Connect card you can purchase top-ups online. These are collected on the bus. Please allow up to 48 hours for collection; this must be an Arriva bus for your first journey.

Topping up is easy. Once you have your card and you know what ticket you want, you simply top up online. You can only top-up an existing ticket product. 

Ticket prices   

Blacon zone Flexi Day x5 Flexi Day x10 Flexi Day x20 Weekly Buy Now 
Adult £10.00 £19.50 £37.50 £9.00
Young Person £5.00 £9.75 £18.75



Chester Plus zone Flexi Day x5 Flexi Day x10 Flexi Day x20 Weekly Buy Now 
Adult £18.00 £35.10 £67.50 £14.50
Child £12.00 £23.40 £45.00 £10.00


North West and Wales area Flexi Day x5 Flexi Day x10 Flexi Day x20 Weekly 4-Weekly Buy Now
Adult £22.00 £42.90 £82.50 £20.00 £68.00
See also details for the North West zone for Student Saver and Scholar Saver tickets
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More questions?

You may have more questions regarding Connect cards. Please take a look at our FAQ section, which should resolve most of your queries, however if not, please contact our Customer Services team.

Buy your bus tickets online

From Monday 20th August 2018 the sale of Student Saver tickets as Arriva Connect smartcards at Arriva North West will be transferred to our new online shop. Arriva North West Scholar Saver tickets will also move to the new outlet.

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